What’s Cooking?

Ever thought that designing your backyard living space is similar to putting together a good recipe? One filled with ingredients your family enjoys most . . . ingredients that totally appease and satisfy their taste buds? Comparably, outdoor living spaces start with the same kind of recipe. A design plan with ingredients that totally appease and satisfy your families’ outdoor lifestyle. And it all starts in the kitchen, or better yet: 100 Backyard Kitchens.

The Kitchen is the Hub

Life is lived in the kitchen. Food brings people together indoors and outdoors. Foodstuffs make any gathering better and haven’t you noticed, “It feels good to cook outside.”  Stand aside women . . . Men are the Grill Masters. Once the grill begins sizzling with char-fired foods your senses engage … take a whiff, can you smell the BBQ? Nowadays grill-guys have convenience at their finger-tips and yet, the ‘honey-do’s’ are-ever-a-part of the outdoor ambiance. That’s why having an outdoor kitchen keeps the ‘little-woman’ from constant trips inside.

Small, Medium or Large – That is the Question

When working with ‘yard size’ or ‘budget’ limitations, no worries. Grill islands are the perfect solution. They are cook stations built around your existing grill. We’ll show you many variations. A-frame covered structures built over the grill, grill islands with loads of counter space for food prep, cook stations under outdoor structures. Our Portfolio has hundreds of images – all kinds of grills, kitchens, and ingenious meal prep areas. Hold onto your Chef’s Hat, we’re embarking on a cook-station smorgasbord. Watch the YouTube video for great info & even better images of grill islands kitchens.

Under Cover Grills

Sometimes big grills with plenty of counter space are the mini-kitchens. Some have refrigerators, some have kitchen sinks. It may depend on how close to the backdoor these grill centers are located. It’s a homeowners’ convenience choice to decide what appliances they want outdoors. See the YouTube video on 15 Kitchen Essentials from the Outdoor Living Guy to help you decide the must-haves for you own outdoor kitchen.

The Full Monty

Wine chillers, garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, kegerators, trash compactors, builtin ice-storage, green eggs . . . and counter space, counter space, counter space! What’s your fancy?

Information Overload – Or – Best Information Ever

Sometimes, too much is too much. (Whew, so many photos!)  But, this blog is about options. By showing 100 Backyard Kitchens you have many options to narrow things down to the kitchen of your outdoor dreams. Also, the 3 Videos give solid info for the process. More good info? Visit our YouTube Channel

Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

It’s a Wrap!

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