What’s Cooking?

Ever thought that designing your backyard living space is similar to putting together a good recipe? One filled with ingredients your family enjoys most – ingredients that totally appease and satisfy their taste buds? It’s true, outdoor living spaces start with the same kind of recipe. A design plan with ingredients that totally appease and satisfy your families’ outdoor life. And it all starts in the kitchen, or better yet: 100 Backyard Kitchens.

The Kitchen is the Hub

Life is lived in the kitchen. Food brings people together indoors or outdoors. Foodstuffs make any gathering better and haven’t you noticed, “It feels good to cook outside.”  Stand aside women . . . Men are the Grill Masters. Once the grill begins sizzling with char-fired foods you can almost smell the BBQ. These grill-guys have convenience at their finger-tips and yet, the ‘honey-do’s’ are-ever-a-part of the outdoor ambiance. That’s why an outdoor kitchen keeps the ‘little-woman’ from constant trips inside.

Small, Medium or Large – That is the Question

When working with yard size or budget limitations, no worries. Grill islands are the perfect solution. Hold onto your Chef’s Hat, we are embarking on cook-station trek of 50





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