The Best Seat in the Landscape, Bar None! Are you a barstooler?

Let’s investigate 20 Bars in Landscapes and see if you are!

Barstools have often been called the ‘spectator chair’ and we must admit, the elevated height does give us a bird’s eye view of what’s going on around us!

The uncomplicated design of the bar stool has been a part of society since the early 20th century and was designed to seat more people at a commercial bar for less expense. If you only have a small space in a landscape and want to do more with less, consider an outdoor bar.


Bars fit anywhere, in large, medium, or small properties, in any kind of style. It’s almost like they have magnetic properties! People gravitate toward them. But, be assured, this popular gathering spot is practical as well as fun. It adds extra seating without taking as much space and the counters hold countless items.

These days, bar stools are becoming increasingly popular, with many of us opting for open plan islands/bars with bar stools as the chosen form of seating. If you have a ceiling for your outdoor bar, you can add pendant or lighting above and make it a focal point; or add soft lighting under the bar. Your outdoor bar will become the entertaining spot in the landscape.


Benefits Of Bar Stools

  • Stylish
  • Provides elevated seating
  • Fun and functional – stools tuck neatly under the counter
  • Compact – allows for more seating
  • Available in a range of styles and materials

Kid Value – There’s just something better about sitting up high


Yesterday, I was in a landscape with a pool full of kids, ages 2-16. During a pool break, all of them gathered around the bar to scarf down chips, dips & beverages. The bar really shines when it comes to kid-life in outdoor living.

Facing friends and family across the bar, the high jinks are sure to unfold. And they did! I regret not capturing a video of the scene. Priceless. Good old fashioned fun, laughter, and carrying on.


No Reservation? No Problem – Grab a Stool

Eating outside is a Mood Booster. The health benefits  have been documented countless times.  Part of the outdoor bar’s value is much the same as an indoor kitchen bar & counter! It’s great for a quick bite, for an actual meal, or for displaying a feast –  buffet style. Let’s take a look at some of our Paradise Restored favorite bars in landscape design:


A bar’s atmosphere is way more stimulating for men and the sports scene. TV’s — not to necessarily be a focal point, but important for viewing those important games, round out the bar area in an outdoor living space. Some would argue TV’s belong indoors. While outside, everyone should enjoy nature’s ambiance – we get it! But lets face it. Outdoor living is about living outside. House matching comfort for all types of people. If TV is what some enjoy… take TV outside too! And there’s plenty of that going on. Big screens, little screens, two screens! And what better spot to watch the game with the guys? At the Bar, baby!

Bars and Bar Stools just may be the best seats in Landscape Design

It’s incredible really. These amazing outdoor kitchens, living rooms and bars are part of our everyday lives. I remember as a kid carrying my hotdog on a paper plate to the one picnic table outside our kitchen backdoor.  A few chips on the plate and kool-aid in dixie cups! Eeeek, what a memory! Guess I’m thinking about the transition over the years as we bagan to take our entire living and eating out the back door instead.  Gone are the seemingly endless trips back and forth to the indoor kitchen. Modern outdoor kitchens make outdoor bars easy and fun.

There you have it. 20 Outdoor Bars in landscapes. Kind of makes you want to head to an outdoor bar and grab a stool, eh? If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge – we’re here to help! Paradise Restored enjoys designing outdoor bars and kitchens for all styles and size of properties.

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