20 Stunning Firepits by Paradise Restored


Plenty of time before spring and summer to add a firepit to your outdoor living space – Wrap yourselves around hours of fun, family, and the memories you’re sure to experience when you share it with young and old alike!  With so many styles and designs to choose from, we put together some of our favorite firepit settings with links to their landscape design. Whether you are looking for a quiet, reflection ambiance or full-fledged family fun – firepits deliver.

The firepit below is wrapped with a generous seat wall for many guests and decorated with comfort cushions. Lanterns, as well as landscape lighting, add an extra glow, and a tub full of icy drinks with a stacked snack-cubby make for extra fun around the firepit.

Firelight and water – two great elements team up in this picture perfect setting.  Get cozy and relax around the firepit or pop into the spa for a soothing soak.  Word has it the kids in this family enjoy this activity daily.  And Dad watches the game from the hot tub as well. Although this is a smaller backyard . . . the landscape design is loaded with desirable go-to spaces making it fun for everyone in the family.


Anderson Property – Wrap around seatwall

Bamboo and plantings border this large entertainment patio with reflection wall firepit.  Grab your best spot along the seat wall or choose one of the unique teak firepit stools . . . serenity and Saki anyone? A soothing bubbler water feature sets the rhythm close by.

Portland Landscape

Baur Property – Firepit w/Seat Walls, Teak Stools

Now step down into urban paradise. A sunken firepit, soothing bamboo water feature, and multi-purpose office/sewing/reading room make optimal use of space without having a negative impact on the environment.

Portland Landscape

Case Property – Firepit W/Seat Walls and Waterfeature

A generous seat wall surrounds this exceptional firepit with the ultimate river view. We all love a wood-burning firepit with its snap, crackle, pop, and pleasant smells of a campfire, a great mix with the river flowing in the background.

And speaking of campfires . . . what better firepit than a campfire designed for your own backyard? This landscape design boasts two firepits, one for family fun in a woodsy setting, the other, a view window reflection wall firepit with seat walls for the more formal outdoor living room.

Kids play area partners well with a wrap around firepit – ideal for family and friends “get-togethers.” Pull out the hotdogs and marshmallows – the fires just right . . .

Small backyards are excellent for firepits – simple or grand in size and style – like this firepit with reflection wall built into an impressive privacy screen pergola.

Beaverton Landscape

Guenes Property – Firepit w/Pergola/Privacy Screen

Large backyards can have a bit of everything – like in this family first landscape with firepit patio close to the built in basketball court!  Can you see how a firepit makes the patio so much more inviting? Hotdogs, anyone?

Next, a landscape that boasts a seat wall starting at the waterfeature/kitchen and traveling all the way down and around the firepit. Having enough seats is important when entertaining many guests and family members. We know you will enjoy this impeccable outdoor living space.

This property possesses many fire and water features. The firepit on the main patio near the pizza oven/grill island is an important one. Why? It’s ideal for the kids’ fire spot. With an impressive living area under the gazebo for adults to linger in, having a space for a gaggle of kids to enjoy firelight is essential.

Beaverton Landscape

Menkens Property – Firepit on Kitchen Patio w/Pizza Oven

One of our favorite large firepits wrapped by a curved seat wall, natural plantings, and decor – oh so charming –

High in the hills of Happy Valley, an outdoor living retreat complete with firepit and comfort essentials. Enjoy the view from the hillside while basking in the firelight ambiance.

Nguyen Property - Firepit with a View!

Nguyen Property – Firepit with a View!

Outdoor retreats need special features too! We love this firepit with custom hand-made benches! It’s one of those ooh-ahh settings.

backyard firepit

Cabin in the Woods is picture perfect

Step into this landscape and you immediately start smiling! It is just right!  Grab a seat in a firepit chair or one on the wall!  Good times ahead!

Cedar Hills Landscape

Puntney Property – Firepit With Seat Walls

Mid-century modern is popular in large and small yards alike. We favor this look to seemingly add extra space with its minimalist design aesthetic.

Raleigh Hills Landscape

Mid-Century Modern Firepit –

This next landscape boasts a magnificent sunken spa and a fabulous firepit with wooden bench seat wrapped around it.  The planters and lighting in the design highlight the landscape.

landscape remodel

We can’t get enough of this property and especially this unique-shaped firepit.  We know you will agree.

Well there you have it – 20 Stunning Firepits in Landscape Design – we encourage you to drop into the landscape links and see the full properties these firepits are part of – we also invite your to see other fire features, water features, outdoor living rooms and outdoor kitchens in our landscape design portfolio.

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