2014 Exterior Design Reveal – It’s About Family – Outdoor Living

2014 Exterior Design Reveal – It’s About Family – Outdoor Living

2014 Exterior Design Reveal – It’s About Family – Outdoor Living extends one’s living space into the backyard.  They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and features – all with one thing in common – people are using them.  ‘Go Outside’ is more than a new catch phrase. Families are doing it. Enjoying life while eating, drinking, playing and relaxing together – OUTDOORS! Just like the good old days!

And a big ‘thumbs up’ go to these likeable homeowners who put serious thought into their new landscape design.  They look forward to turning their retirement years from active work – into active play – surrounded by friends and family.

Cedar Hills Landscape Design

2 types of Hardscaping defines rooms

Cedar Hills Landscape

Outdoor Living Room & Kitchen, Breezeway

Game ON!

Choose your best seat to get comfy under a beamed ceiling gazebo. Easy to do with the stone fireplace with wrap around seat walls and all its ambiance. The outdoor kitchen and sports-bar-like dining nook add convenience while enhancing entertainment.  Architectural slab hardscaping in the outdoor living room, granite counter tops and heat lamp-lighting step-up the design.  Notice the covered walkway – the breezeway – allowing for practical use during three out of four seasons.

The real eye-catcher is the impressive fire pit with seat walls. Seat walls that extend the length of the landscape then encircle the fire pit.  Practical and perfectly spaced – take a seat next to the roaring fire for singing, story telling, and smores. Plenty of fun times ahead . . .

Hands down, this property is owned by one of the nicest couples in Portland, Oregon.  They emanate warmth and charm and after touring their new landscape design, you can see it’s brimming with warmth and charm too!  Can you picture ‘the guys’ gathered near the bar for football, ‘the ladies’ lingering at the dining table, ‘the kids’ having fun around the fire pit?  The good old days are coming back . . . into the backyards anyway . . . and putting family back into family.

We enjoy designing for all styles and size of properties. Every project is unique and each property presents different design plan solutions. We look forward to coming out to view your property if you’ve been thinking about a landscape transformation. Please contact us for your Complimentary Consultation @http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

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