2014 Exterior Landscape Reveal – Cabin Retreat Extraordinaire

Home in the Woods

We know you will enjoy touring this cabin retreat extraordinaire . . . and of course, daydreaming of one of your own – a retreat from the ordinary, a relaxing haven. This property is mesmerizing. It lulls your senses and asks you to sit a spell and bask in the pure nature surrounding you – or take a stroll through winding forest paths to the rippling river.  Paradise Restored was thrilled to etch out a landscape design in this natural paradise. See what you think of it – we are sure you will be like the rest of us who spent time here . . . repeatedly muttering, “Someday.”

With the first glimpse of the cabin, you become captivated . . . picturesque with its subtle order in an earthy environment. The landscape design convincingly shows off the cabin with flagstone hardscaping and stepping stone pathways surrounding its exterior.

Rhododendron Landscape

Flagstone Pathway to front steps of Cabin

Choose Your Path

Taking the path to the back patio – a riveting fire pit demands attention and becomes a focal point in the forest. Grab a spot on one of the man-made log benches and tuck yourself into the ambiance. As day fades and dusk sets in . . . relax . . . allow the sounds, sights, and pleasant woodsy smells to subdue you.

Woodsy Wonderland

This attractively unusual setting – this treasure in the woods – prides itself with manicured nature pathways, boulder accents, artsy patio drain, and cozy front and back porch reading nooks!

Welcome Home

Once through the powerful entrance archway, the cabin silhouette appears and you know you are about to begin an adventure with nature.

Rhododendron Landscape

Entrance Archway, Boulder steps

Relaxin Retreat – Don’t you think?

Well, did you enjoy this amazing retreat? Would you like to see additional images? Join us in our portfolio: http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/nimmelman-property/  Thanks for joining us for our 2014 Exterior Landscape Reveal – Cabin Retreat Extraordinaire.

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