2018 Decor Trends in Outdoor Living

Hey Homeowners! 2018 Decor Trends in Outdoor Living are popping out all over – ‘cuz Spring is Here! It’s time to take-to-the-outdoors and dress up those outdoor living rooms!

Here at Paradise Restored, we love adding the homey, lived-in looks that draw you in to sit a spell. Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out in cozy surroundings with a bit of glam thrown in? Maybe it’s that ‘pamper me’ feeling of the fire, food, & fun. Or, it looks inviting and you want to nestle in and let nature therapy restore your senses.

Like in this outdoor room in Lake Oswego, surrounded by trees, a skyline, and a view that goes on for miles….


Classic style outdoor living room. Colors are subtle, go well with the stone & woodwork without taking away from the nature elements. A seatwall runs the length of the room, loaded with comfy pillows. Accent tables at all seats make space for food & drink & personal items… Artsy decor pieces & lanterns add extra ambiance. A large ivory rug lightens from the ground up. Infrared ceiling heaters and lighting ensure extra hours outside. A dining nook table can be used for meals or games. Welcoming . . . don’t you think?

Many homeowners extend their indoor decor styles out the backdoor  – creating a style-match that flows indoors to out


Like this landscape in the Arlington Heights neighborhood in Portland. The clean lines of the fireplace and pergola play a crucial role in developing the modern aesthetic. Everyone loves a space that embodies relaxation. The science of crisp  lines in this outdoor haven affects one’s mood in a calming way.

Mid-century modern outdoor style matches indoor style with its varying degrees of modern & minimalist decor

Get a feel of the home’s inside decor presence in the next 2 photos. (just a little peek) The simple lines are evident.  You don’t cut corners when it comes to styling the inside of your home, and as you can see, these artistic homeowners chose to continue their flair into the landscape.

The IKEA outdoor rug balances out the furnishings while the 8×10 size does not over run the decking. Two fire place stools add a touch of bling while hugging the cement wall seemingly out of sight.James_Property_016

This decor style is carried throughout the home and property. The custom cement & wood benches are just the right touch. The seating in front of the fireplace provides comfort without taking from the style.  Steps leading down to this outdoor space are remarkable as well. Take a tour of the James property & stop-in at the before photos.

Other homeowners like to create an entire mood & style change in their outdoor spaces.

One step out this backdoor, a tropical paradise complete with palm tree awaits. The above ground spa and retractable awning for extreme sun days show how indoor & outdoor styles don't have to match

Tropical landscape in Portland? One step out this backdoor, a tropical paradise complete with palm tree awaits. This above ground spa and retractable awning for extreme sun days –  gives you a feel for how indoor & outdoor styles don’t have to match.

Imagine never having to leave home to step foot in a tropical paradise? Displayed in custom wood raised beds, these homeowners love plantings. Tropical decor is easy to find, however, careful not to over-theme your living space.


By now you may be asking yourself, “Should I carry my indoor style through to my landscape?” And, “what is my outdoor design personality?” “Do I have a favorite style or do I prefer bohemian-eclectic?” Identifying your unique outdoor design personality is about being aware of the colors you are drawn to, the mood you want to create. Knowing the style of furniture, the types of fabrics that you like to surround yourself with. Recognizing your design preferences helps you to create a design style you like.

To warm up, hit the internet and check out Pinterest, Houzz, Pottery Barn, Pier One Imports, World Market, & so many more …. for outdoor ideas in furniture pieces, umbrellas, and decor. Local stores like Target, IKEA, and Macy’s have great furniture sets and ideas galore. Walmart has good prices and their outdoor rugs need to be checked out every spring… to grab up the best deals.   So many things to consider.

Do you insist on furniture durability over a period of years? Fulk_Property_022I loved this homeowners perspective… She swears by teak wood outdoor furniture. Her pieces will stand the test of time. She takes impeccable care of the outdoor living & dining set she has. Covering them in rainy spells & putting them away come winter. (Fulk property) BTW, you can get great prices on teak without paying retail.

And ladies & gentlemen, having quality furnishings in your outdoor living room is wonderful. Remember, it’s your style & pocketbook.


Top Outdoor Furnishing & Decor Purchases – Source: American Home Furnishings Alliance Survey


“Trends” in landscape decor

Do you get tired of the same old look year after year? Give it a face-lift! 2018 outdoor furniture prices are crazy-affordable! I don’t mean ‘throw out the baby with the bath water’… but some properties I’ve visited have used the same furnishings for 10 years and it shows. Many older sets are heavy to maneuver. The current furnishings are lighter, manageable and affordable. Can’t buy new? Want a change to your older set? RE-cover it… Fabric.com has many choices of trending outdoor fabrics at excellent prices. You can cover your old cushions and use Velcro closures making them wash-friendly. Tah dah … cushion makeover!

Custom Fencing

Our homeowner chose this black and white outdoor fabric to sew new cushion covers for her lounge chairs. Click the image to see how it balances out with the entire backyard theme.


Okay, now that you have an idea of what you like…. before you buy, explore your local HomeGoods stores. We have 5 locations here in Portland, Oregon. blog2They are filled with spectacular finds at a price that’s equally so. These stores have the BEST finds! You can’t help but discover a cart full of outdoor goods just right for your style. They have furniture pieces, bar stools, planters, cool tableware, lanterns, candles, rugs, and umbrellas. So much more – it’s overwhelming!blogblog3

Other stores to check out: TJMax, Ross, Marshalls . . . The buyers select top brand home merchandise from around the world at below department & specialty store regular prices – SAVINGS FOR YOU & ME!

Just yesterday I popped in for a quick-minute and found these must-haves! The bar stools are my favorite for a rustic-modern look – I grabbed four! These Portuguese bowls are so cool for an outdoor setting – thinking a noodle stack with a colorful shrimp on top – who could resist, right? And the planters on wooden legs make me so anxious to put ’em in an outdoor living room. P.S. My car is filled with other impressive finds . . .

Found the perfect spot for the bar stools . . . in the Satchwell living space . .

The cool thing about these best-deal-ever stores

They have new looks arriving each week. They supply Us with the ‘special finds’ we can build our style around. Another go-to: houzz.com for thumbs-up deals and even better prices. The Grove landscape below had a magnificent custom wood attached gazebo. The stonework and wood bench near the fire feature begged for full attention, so opting for wood accents around the firepit was a subtle, must-do look. Thank you houzz.com. The teak rockers were just right, the folding teak loungers – the best price, and those fun wood-block firepit stools were nabbed from Homedgoods. (kids love the stools for smores!) Paradise Restored can help you receive a discount on all houzz items – email to get the extra discount. (kim@paradiserestored.com)


2018 outdoor decor is – – the trend itself. As customers, we have non-stop amazing decor items to choose from. Gone are the days of striped outdoor pillows and porch swings. (do love those, however!) We are no longer pigeon-ed holed into a narrow viewpoint. We can add art pieces, lighting, pillows for days, all kinds of colors, and crazy-fun furniture!

The Bissell outdoor living space is filled with house-matching outdoor decor.  Visit the space for a closer look.

Well – once again, I’m minutes before deadline on this blog. I had so much more to rant & rave about regarding something I love and enjoy so much – outdoor decor. Perhaps down the line I’ll give more specifics on colors, fabrics, pillows – ideas….

Until then, Thanks for Joining Us –

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