The Marvel of 3-D Landscape Design – Homeowners Speak Out

Hello everybody . . . Micah, Outdoor Living Guy here. I get requests all the time asking if people really enjoy their outdoor living space. So I wanted to put together this video for you today from a homeowners’ perspective.  This could be you in the future, looking back reflecting on how much you enjoy your space after the design/build process and what it meant for you and your family.

This year for the first time we decided to ask our homeowners their perspective on their design build journey. You’ll notice each family shares the 3D landscape design process and the power behind seeing a 3D rendering, yes exactly how the outdoor living space will look before construction begins. It’s also fun to hear the family’s real-life stories discussing the ‘before to finish’ process. Best yet, how much the new outdoor space means to all of them. We believe you will like it too. This is part one of a two-part-series.

Hueffner Family Living Space

“So, I took a new job, and I was thinking maybe moving closer to where I work and we started looking at some properties. The properties we liked had an outdoor living space. We couldn’t find anything to replace where we live right now with the ranch style home and everything we had and we realized we didn’t need to move any place, we just needed to take what we’ve seen and build our backyard the way we want.

Montre Swim-Oasis

“We found this house and it had a swimming pool and we thought it would be a great family home. The swimming pool and backyard were a big mess so that’s why we got ahold of Paradise Restored and they gave us awesome design. So, we went with that design and it had an outstanding outcome.”

Boaz Bar-B-Que Grill & Outdoor TV

“Summers in the Pacific Northwest are amazing – long days, long nights, and a great climate, but the one drawback was if I’m always outside grilling and there’s a really good sports game going. So, if we could create a living space that gave us the best of both worlds that was high on my priority list. Our old grill was so small that it wouldn’t get hot enough in the winter – even if we had a TV out here. We needed to get a bigger grill and importantly add a TV too because even if he could grill he would say, there’s a game on.”

Millsap Rustic Outdoor Room

“We wanted a nice, covered outdoor space . . . so we started investigating different companies at the Expo Center. After talking to two or three different outfits we met with Debra from Paradise Restored and talked through their design process. Once we decided on that design we went through the steps to proceed. When they showed us the design in 3-D – it was mind-blowing. I said, “That’s our backyard?””

Furhrers’ Get Involved with their 3-D Design Process

“Having your 3D design enabled us to look at the large scale print – talk about this or that and then be able to adjust it.  3-D gives you a clear idea of what the space looks like before the construction begins. So, when you brought our 3-D blue prints I just felt so comfortable and at ease and excited. I was like, let’s do it!”

Edwards Thumbs Up for 3-D Landscape Design

“When we started working with Paradise Restore it was comforting to see them employing 3D renderings of the design and we could visualize it. Now I see in 3D when I see a 2D print but Selynn has a hard time seeing what the plans were going to be in the end. But the 3-D delivery made her feel comfortable and it also let me see the detail. Yeah, it really comes down to would we recommend Paradise Restored again and I would say without a doubt. The quality, the cost, the relationship that we developed . . . we would have no problem recommending Paradise Restored for any project, I would definitely recommend Paradise Restored no reservations.”

Our clients/homeowners have a dear place in our hearts and we’re excited that you might be thinking about an outdoor living space too. A good 3-D outdoor living design will save you money in the long run. If you need help  – we’d love to get you started.

Alright guys, thanks again for watching.



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