A Favorite ‘Before and After’ Landscape Design

A Favorite ‘Before and After’ Landscape Design

A Favorite ‘Before and After’ Landscape Design. Nature can enrich our well being. Caught up in schedules we forget to add a significant amount of it in our lives. By enhancing our outdoor environment, we not only get to enjoy nature every time we look out our window, we can readily spend time in it. One would not think this landscape needed any enhancing – but like so many backyards, there is a considerable difference between looking out at it and living out in it.


Below – the beginning photos  . . .

Next, view some of the during photos . . .  under construction:

After photos . . .  and these homeowners are thrilled! Many destinations in landscape to enjoy. Two fire elements, spa, garden area and the guys love all kinds of plants , shrubs and trees. A huge thumbs up from all concerned!

Enjoy this entire landscape Before & After in our gallery @http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/washington-2016/

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