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When looking for a Just-Right design plan for your everyday outside life,  A Week Of Backyard Living will give inspiration and ideas. It’s about, “let the good times roll” and yet, your outdoor space is part of your home and you want it cozy & comfy. Let’s take a jaunt down memory lane . . .

Memory Monday

This family was inspired by Italy so when working with our Designers, they weren’t afraid to espresso their ideas about a Tuscan landscape design. I’m not alfreddo tell you that I’m in love with it. It draws me in to to it’s warm embrace and touches a pizza my heart. Take your thyme and grab some ideas . . . in this Tuscan Style Landscape Design

Take-It-Back Tuesday

For instant fun, just add water . . . let’s dive in, shall we? This landscape rewind is one of our favorites of the season. If spending time at the pool really floats your boat, get in the swim every summer. A backyard pool can be enjoyed for decades. Pack your trunks – and slide into this amazing pool party! Fire Bowl Pool Landscape



Way-Back Wednesday

Way back at the start of this season, we turned up a driveway in the woods. A gorgeous home came in view and boasted a reverie few enjoy on a daily basis or once in a lifetime. Rustic yet Sofishticated it has a sit-a-spell feel to it. The soft-quiet soothes. Gaze into the koi pond to get your day started, like our homeowner who visits every morning or take a walk-about.  Rustic Landscape Design  PS – What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh!


Throwback Thursday

Or shall we call it Transformation Thursday? After-all, our backyard landscape has gone through a dramatic transformation and now boasts an outdoor living room as exceptional as the inside living room. Not only is it a family relax zone, it offers bar dining and a smorgasbord cheese & wine spread to wine & dine friends. As you meander thru – picture yourself D-stressing here. Outdoor Living Room

Flashback Friday

Ready for Wow-Factor? We’ve got it, or should we say – these Homeowners have it! A show-stopper Front, Side, and Backyard over-flowing with Waterfall Features & Fire Features. The makeover is jaw-dropping. Must-see before & during photos will transport you from then to now. Two Thumbs up to homeworkers, designers, management, & crews!

Send Me Back Saturday

Pizza always sends me back for an extra slice… these homeowners won’t have to worry about seconds! Why? They had a top-o-the-line pizza oven craned into their backyard! We will never forget this momentous event – and neither will their neighbors.  Can you believe it? This concept is so fun & better – this pizza-loving family will enjoy it for decades! The Pizza Oven complements the backyard living space don’t you think? Backyard Pizza Oven

Say We’ll Remember Sunday

Looking for a landscape that is unforgettable? This is one backyard living space you are sure to remember. The setting in the forest is pretty special. Especially with a swim-spa as part of the features. The family can have all their friends over to enjoy the split-level landscape. Food, Fun, Fire and Spa-frolic can be had by all. Loads of room, counter space, lounge areas, & dining with retractable awning . . .  an Oasis in the Forest. Enjoy the view . . . Swim Spa Backyard Ideas

Thanks for Joining Us for a Week of Backyard Designs

How was that for 7 Days of Fun?  Backyards filled with all the extras – especially relax & unwind vibes. Want to peek thru more designs? 145 landscape designs are waiting in our Portfolio. 

Still wondering what would look good in your particular shaped backyard? We’ll come take a look . . . and share some ideas.

Like our YouTube videos? There’s more! You’ll see & learn so much . . .


It’s a Wrap!

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Living One Day at a Time

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