Ants and Woodpeckers

woodpeckerAnts are a delicacy for woodpeckers! While watching a woodpecker sometime, watch and see if it picks up ants with it’s beak! They’ll do this and then crush the ants on their feathers. The purpose for this strange behavior is to protect themselves from parasites! During the crushing process, tannic acid is released and kills any parasites.

Nature can enrich our wellbeing. Caught up in schedules we forget to add a significant amount of it in our lives. By enhancing our outdoor environment, we not only get to enjoy nature every time we look out our window, we can readily spend time in it. One would not think this landscape needed any enhancing – but like so many backyards, there is a considerable difference between looking out at it and living out in it.

Leading by Design . . . As a design based Landscape Company, Paradise Restored is committed to identifying our client’s views through design. During the initial consultation and walk through of the property the process is simple; align ideas around a design plan. Homeowners do not always know what they want. Some know exactly what they want. This is where our designers become so helpful. They can develop half shaped ideas or interpret solid direction. They know styles, plantings, hardscapes, structures and have years of industry knowledge and experience.  And the best part is, they love landscape design and take particular interest in their role as your designer.  View our design in our gallery of works:  Please contact us for a complimentary consultation: @

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