blog cartoon on Artificial TurfEver consider Artificial Turf For Dogs?

Tired of ring around the house? (Doggie pathway) Bald spots from Digging? Never ending muddy paw prints? These are just a few of  “the things we do for love” as pet owners. Our dogs can test our patience where yards are concerned. Nevertheless, you can have your sanity and a nice looking yard too. Consider artificial turf.

Wow, that sounds like a turf salesman’s remark, doesn’t it? Nope, just a gal who recently had a doggie-turf experience that changed my thinking on the subject. I was invited to assist on a landscape design project. Whew! What a challenge. The two dogs loved digging holes in dirt.

The smart (tired) homeowners chose to install artificial turf for their lawn because the dogs were tearing the yard to shreds. Once it became a turf yard and was unavailable for digging, these carefree canines were relentless; they zeroed in on the flower beds instead!



Enter my part of the project, planters in beds covered with large round river rock. My ‘cell phone shots’ show how the owners tried to barricade the beds and use landscape fabric with logs to deter their dogs. Nothing was stopping the dynamic, hole-digging duo. Alas, their digging days are over. Two-Thumbs up for Turf and River Rock!

Why I fell in Love with Turf

  1. Wheelbarrows of large river rock are heavy. Up, down, repeatedly over the turf and not one muddy rut. Regular grass would have been destroyed.
  2. Upon arrival to the property, overnight dog poop was easy to scoop and rake away. 2-medium sized dogs, plenty of evidence, limited effort.
  3. The turf held up so well and looked beautiful throughout the river rock part of the project. Impressively, ‘turf takes a licking and keeps on ticking.’

Sincerely, the poop-scoop relief itself was mind changing. Now I can see why a dog-run with artificial turf makes much better sense than regular grass. It cleans up better. Another bonus, gone are the yellow dead patches from the high-nitrogen urine.

Speaking of dog urine, did you know, synthetic turfs offer superior drainage? Most pet-friendly turf also has antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of toxins and neutralize odors.

Occasionally, you can use products to clean and eliminate odors. And, you won’t have to worry about killing your grass.



Synthetic lawns are becoming a popular choice in outdoor living spaces for kids sports, mini-golf greens, and dog runs.

The Gibson’s have 2 small children and 2 dogs. By providing a dog run for their pups, they could maintain a dog-hazzard play area for the kids. Note: The living wall adds dimension to this fun and functional doggie retreat.


The Bownagels knew they wanted a place for the kids to practise soccer and a place for the dogs to hang out. Solution, use the sides of the house for turf strips. Perfect!


The James property sits high in the SW hills of Portland. These savvy homeowners niched out a turf nook for their canine member of the family.

You can call it artificial grass or artificial turf, but regardless, ‘Call it Amazing’ for dog purposes and many others. When you look for a synthetic turf designed especially for dog use, you’ll want it devoid of infill and one that airs well. The experts will have the answers for each home and property with solutions that fit best.

blog cartoon on turf


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Artificial Grass Cleaning Tip When You Have Dogs

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