Micah Dennis


Trampolines in Landscapes

Trampolines in Landscapes (How to Make Them Look Good) We get so many questions about play areas with trampolines for kids in landscapes wondering what to do around a trampoline in a landscape. This video is all about trampolines in landscaping and how to landscape with a trampoline – even if the trampoline is on sloped ground. Everyone wants their

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Water Features In Landscape Design

Water Features In Landscape Design Looking for ideas for water features in landscape design? Your search is over. We believe Water Features are a must-have when designing your landscape. They come in many variations and create a special ambiance.  Ponds, waterfalls, bubblers, reflection pools, infinity pots, spas, pools . . . whew, so many kinds to choose from. Do you want

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Video Outdoor Living Guy

  Watch & Follow the Outdoor Living Guy to stay up to date with the current trends in outdoor living. We travel the Portland, Oregon Metro area Designing, Building, and helping our clients get the most from their outdoor space. Enjoy todays video . . . & Subscribe for weekly Videos, Vlogs, Drone Landscape Footage, Before/Afters, Tales from a Landscape

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