Some Like it Hot – Others Do Not

It goes without saying, Summer Time is Fun Time. Hey, wait a minute . . . not everyone likes sizzlin’ hot weather. As snow-birds can attest, extreme temps can be too hot to handle. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies for backyard fun means providing escape from hours of overbearing sun rays. Where they gonna go? Backyard Awnings, Baby.

blog imageGet Your Shade On

Backyard Awnings are a popular feature in outdoor living. Sophisticated in design they provide near-instant protection from sun when you need it. Bonus: they’re surprisingly cost effective. Like a good appliance in the kitchen, awnings offer long-term value, even worth more than what you pay for them.

And the ‘ooh-ah’ shade factor is worth every penny. Remember that near-instant sun protection we mentioned? Think near-instant rain protection too. In Oregon, we have now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t weather. Having Awning Protection keeps wet guests from scurrying inside to seek cover from in&out rain showers. The moral of the story? Backyard Awnings ROCK!  So what are we waiting for?

Heading Into The Woods – Forest Property

These savvy homeowners not only have a gazebo covered outdoor kitchen and counter bar, they chose to add a pergola with a retractable awning over their dining space.  Again, the elements dictate when you use full shade or none. That’s the beauty of a Retractable Awning. We’ve included our YouTube video for you to see the entire project.

Small Yards Just Want to Have Fun . . . Too . . . Right, Kelsey Property?

Another great Awning in a smaller setting. The electric blue color will rock you! It’s fun with it’s companion brilliant orange and together they make this artsy landscape design pop. Our homeowners love this outdoor nook they’ve helped design. A backyard extraordinaire.

Most Awnings have a custom Pergola they’re attached to so we’ve added a quick informative video on the topic. Enjoy!

McFee’s PoolscapeLets the Sunshine In – With a Little Shade on the Side

This gorgeous waterfall landscape boasts a poolside retreat of incredible proportions. Plenty of sunshine and shade for all. Notice the push-of-a-button awning over the bar. It helps to add shade when your guests’ skin is going from bronze to don’t-touch-pink. Retractable awnings to the rescue – Retractable means able to be drawn back or back in; it allows you to decide. My decision? I want a backyard just like this one!


Yes,  A man’s home is his castle and so are his grounds. In the Castle Property, an outdoor living room boasts an alternative level of control over nature: Adjustable, rotating louvers! Want more light and sunshine? Open Sesame! Or during temperamental weather, with a push of a button, enclose this cozy nook for family gatherings. These smart homeowners chose a second louvered pergola on the upper patio covering the grill-kitchen. Good idea for summer or winter. Grilling under protection from the elements makes for a happier chef and better steaks and burgers! Control is at your fingertips.


The Whys for Retractable/Louvered Awnings/$ Savings

  1. Awnings allow time spent outdoors to be more comfortable.
  2. They protect outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture. (Shade to sun-exposed rooms may prevent the sun’s bleaching effect)
  3. Retractable awnings save money in the long term. If attached to the home they provide shade to the interior. They save air conditioners from working as hard to cool the home, resulting in lower electric bills. They cover outdoor furnishings, appliances, and provide decor saving wear and tear.
  4. Retractable awnings have longer lives than non-retractable. While non-retractable awnings are cheaper, they can be damaged during bad weather.
  5. Retractable awnings mean that you can move it in and out. Many awning rolls up into a cassette that protects it from the weather when not in use.

Eclipse E-Zip Shading Screen – Video & Info


It’s a Wrap!

Well blog family, now do you see the value in Backyard Awnings? They truly are a unique and important landscape feature. Sure we all like to lounge in the sun. But twice bitten by the sting of a sunburn – we know to head for the shade!

A Backyard Awning will allow family & friends to enjoy our outdoor space even more!

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