Clueless about a Backyard Deck?

In life, you can be an expert about many things. But, come on now, Decking? So many questions . . .  What size should I build? Do I need a permit? Can decking hold a hot tub? Wood or composite?

Here’s Our Two Cents Worth

Fiberon Horizon Decking

Tour this property to see how well the fiberon decking works . . . (click the photo)

Backyard Deck? Choose Fiberon Horizon Decking. Here’s a look at our top 10 reasons why. . .

  1. Traditional wood decks have a 10 to 15 year lifespan. Composite decking is weather, insect, and rot resistant. Sound good? For these reasons, it lasts 25 to 30 years or longer
  2. Great choice for Lower-Level Decks & Second-Story Decks (Finished surface on top and bottom)
  3. Exceptional for waterside applications –  slip resistance when wet or dry
  4. High-traction wood grain  – Outstanding surface durability
  5. Appeal of natural hardwoods without the time and expense of maintenance
  6. Unique matte finish – smooth, splinter-free surface
  7. Subtle grain patterns with no discernible repeats
  8. Horizon is capped/covered on all four sides with PermaTech® surface material. It never needs sanding, staining, or sealing.
  9. Four-sided capping increases durability, enhances stain and fade resistance. This makes for an all around polished appearance.
  10. Horizon boards features two wood grain pattern options on the top and bottom ensuring less material waste.

Outdoor Living Guy Gives His Expert Opinion:

This quick but useful product review of Fiberon Horizon Decking from Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy, will add a few more tips for your success . . .

Am I the right man for the Job?

Fiberon Horizon Decking in Landscape Design

Deck right outside the slider is perfect – (click the photo) to tour the property

Second Ten, let’s do it Again –

What 10 things to consider when building a deck:

  1. Is a DIY Deck in your home-builder wheelhouse? Should you hire a professional? Ask one of our designers during a complimentary consultation in your backyard.
  2. Why a deck in the first place? Extended living space? Pool or Spa surround? Deck instead of Patio?
  3. Property size can dictate where to build your deck. Will it complement rather than compete with your home’s architecture. Will it coordinate with the surrounding landscape design? Getting design ideas will help give you options.
  4. What’s your budget? Complex Design? Extras like seat walls, railings? Good questions to ask a custom deck expert.
  5. Natural Wood or composite decking? You know our suggestion. This blogs main focus: Fiberon Horizon Decking.
  6. If the deck space is higher than a few feet off the ground, you’ll need to consider railings for safety.
  7. Roof or no roof? You’ll want to spend time on your deck in comfort – covered structures are a good choice.
  8. Neighbors? Some sort of privacy screening might be needed to help block others view of your backyard retreat.
  9. Check on building permits & legal requirements – or have an expert take care of it.
  10. Outdoor Lighting? Yes! Think about giving your deck ambiance, while providing safety for family and friends.

We vote for Fiberon Horizon Decking – What about You?

Now that you are a Fiberon Deck Expert . . .  (An expert, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study).

This info gave you some knowhow, let us supply the experience! Have one of our team members meet with you in your backyard to discuss your Deck Design. BTW, decking NEVER goes out of style.



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