Hi Guys – Outdoor Living Guy Here . . .

This vlog on Backyard Design is a “Can I get “Hoo-Ha” for our year 2020 designing outdoor living spaces and backyard designs. It brings out our bloopers, our fears . . . our triumphs.

We want to thank those who follow this blog, our You-Tube followers, and our family and friends for all their wear & tear . . .

2020 was different unpredictable and challenging for many of us but… 2020 highlights

*We cherish the good moments like turning a small yard into a mini sanctuary

*Old spaces into quarantine getaways

* Dream designs made into reality

* Our most viewed video on YouTube (privacy screens – thanks so much to all of you)

* Completed a pretty awesome property with the whole package (Grubb Property)

* Turned an empty yard into a comforting place for a family together (Hueffner)

* Celebrated with loved ones (5-Year Reunion)

* Built the ultimate sunken fire pit and an ultra-modern living space (Chau)

* Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design currently has twenty 21,400 YouTube Followers

* Our Community continued to grow this year

* We Made unusable space – Fun & Functional

* Built lots of wonderful BACKYARD DESIGNS

* Created a relaxing yard with spa-like features

What we will Cherish most is the Joy of our Clients

Here is why I loved 2020 – It was a little scary from the start when we hit COVID-19 – we had some projects going so we were able to weather a little storm, but we didn’t know what  would happen and we were very nervous that we would not be able to work at all. It ended up that we had one of the biggest years we’ve ever had and the main reason for that is we went nationwide with our Design Department. We started designing all over the nation and a lot of people found us through YouTube so . . .

An enormous THANK YOU – 2020 Look Back

Thank you very much for that, yes, YOU!

We were able to create over 50 different designs across the nation – Texas, California, and then a couple in New York, New Jersey, Minneapolis . . .

Xander, what were some of your favorite projects of 2020? The Boaz & Chau properties. I agree. Boaz was our very first reveal this season. It had an attached structure – fireplace and really cool bar. Then the Chau property was the ‘street of dreams’ modern-transformation – a beautiful project. It had a koi pond in an inside atrium.

My favorite property this year was the Thomas job. I loved how regardless of the straight downhill angles we were able to create destination spaces. Underneath the outdoor living deck we did a ninja warrior exercise-play area that was so unique but it had many cool spots

Again, we want to say thank you

Thank you, for all your help and your support in 2020. We cannot wait for 2021. To see what 2021 brings. I hope it brings success for all of you, even an outdoor living space for you. And Xander will keep growing so it’ll be fun to see him one year older and wiser next season. Thanks again for watching and for supporting the channel and our blog.  Have an amazing day and thank you for another great year from both the Paradise Restored Family.

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