Hey, Where You Gonna Go in Your Own Backyard?

Ready to count backyard destination spots in backyards? Count on us to show how 2020 landscape design is filled with elements, features, and spaces you can head to . . . straight out your backdoor.

Who’s Counting? We Are!

Getting started, why don’t we count backyard destination spots in a little backyard that offers a variety of gathering spots while staying connected.

Bownagel’s – 8 spots

Don’t count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Another smaller yard transformation . . . where once chickens roamed. Now, this backyard boasts a dog run and the humans are inside the gate!

Martinez – 6 Backyard Spots

Count Your Landscape Blessings

Wowie, Zowie! This landscape is huge! Let’s count how many places you could head to to get your ‘rest & relax on’ . . . starting with a rocker near the koi pond.

Stocker – 8 Spots of Serenity

Stand Up and Be Counted

You asked for it… well maybe not, but we’re going to show you anyway!  Or Maybe you can count the spaces yourself in this poolscape landscape.

Duchene – 12 spots to decide on – Where would you sit your backside?


Places to go in your landscapeCount on the fingers of one hand – Whoops, maybe not!

Small space yard packs a punch with many features to enjoy plus a pizza oven chef’s dream of!

Fishel’s – 6 Backyard Destination Spots

Count to Ten

Hmmm  – how many? This extreme makeover is the epitome of Outdoor Living!

Folske’s – 10 spaces in one!

Ring around the Fireplace . . .

One little, two little, three little fireplace – sides! What? Okay, my humor is pretty awful sometimes! This pub-style backyard has a 3-sided fireplace and it’s spectacular. Also, places to go . . .  let’s count’em.

Carey’s – 8 Choices to Make!

Count Me In

Some like it Modern and who can resist the clean lines of a modern aesthetic. And, to top it off, this Modern Pergola Rocks!

Hedger’s – Spot times 8 – Can’t Wait!

Countless Destination Spots

And Where You Gonna Go in this amazing wrap around yard? So many place to choose from. What’s your favorite? The Water Features and Fire Features are exceptional in this luxury landscape renovation. Thanks Paradise Restored Design Team.

Gilbert’s – A Dozen will do You!

The Countdown is Over – But who’s Counting?

Now you see what I’m getting at? Backyards can be filled with places to go. Places for kids, for girl-chit-chat, for men hang-outs, old men & ladies with their memories, neighbor fun-times, & many guests! Plenty of things to do, plenty of relax places.

It’s the Ideas that count: Want More – Our Portfolio is brimming with them.

Want Visual Eye Candy type features – our YouTube Channel is tops.

Need an expert opinion? Look no further – Contact us


That’s a Wrap

Thanks for Dropping In, Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Love it Your Way

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