Outdoor Living Spaces – Turning Dead Space into Destinations

Hi Guys – Here we have another Tuesday Tip for you: Backyard Features shares tips on adding destination Firepits and Seatwalls.

To start we have a beautiful, covered structure and outdoor living space. The house is built in an L-shape, so we created this cool courtyard – allowing views into the outdoor living room from every window facing it. Along the paver pathway from the patio backdoor we designed a backyard firepit with custom seat-wall. Firepits are inexpensive features in outdoor living and matching seat-walls are too. They add so much to a backyard and are enjoyed by all ages.

Free Up a Forlorn Empty Space

Todays’ tip is to use a Firepit with a Seat-Wall to strategically free up a forlorn empty space. What better spot? Halfway between the backdoor and the covered structure the combo-feature-frames-in the side yard. It makes sense – beautiful destination – attracting people over to it. Before it was an empty flower bed and unusable space. Now it is a destination spot. Our homeowners love the firepit and the extra hang-0ut for friends & family during spring – summer – and fall events. The man of the house insists this is a year-round space but may take it under cover during extreme winter weather. He says he is ready with both a roaring fireplace wall and extra-hot-ceiling-heaters. Go Huffner Family! https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/outdoor-living-spaces/

Cushions, Pillows, & Comfort – Oh My!

In the Johnson backyard, their new firepit with seat-wall has a backrest and is used to retain the slope. We excavated the slope and use the seat-wall with backrest to retain the earth. It’s a beautiful destination – acting as a frame for the outdoor living space and providing a warm and inviting fun space. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/outdoor-space/

Big On Entertainment

Fun times ahead for the Boaz family who chose a big seat-wall with seat-backs for around their oblong firepit. Ample pillows for getting cozy adorn this nesting space. A long bar behind the seat-wall is an ingenious idea. While some dine at the bar, others are scattered around the fire, some chatting – others watching the game. It’s a cohesive and useful combination in outdoor living. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/outdoor-bar-ideas/

Across the Waterfall and to the Firepit We Go!

Next up the Coffey firepit is a real beaut! A hexagon shape with seat-wall surrounding it, a Pergola perched over it, draw you out  to sit and gaze at the fire, eat hotdogs and smores, or build memories with friends. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/outdoor-water-features/

Dynamic Duo For Twice The Fun

A dynamic duo is seen here in the Pendergast property. Right next to the custom inground spa sits a warm-up station . . . a firepit with seat-walls/seat-backs. An useful aspect of seat-walls is their ability to hold platters of food, guests personal belongings and of course, the guests! https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/in-ground-spa/

Firepit with Seat Wall

Light Up Your Life

Mckenna’s firepit with seat wall is round and combined with plenty of shrubs makes a cozy fire setting. The property has a complete modern kitchen with every amenity. Stringing lights above adds a warm glow to the backyard.https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/modular-outdoor-kitchen/


Smores & Popcorn By Firelight

In a Tuscan style design, the Folske homeowners add mid-century modern décor to their tastefully done firepit and seat-wall with seat backs. Notice the 2 built-in concrete corner table. Fun finger foods and lanterns add extra pizzazz. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/tuscan-style-landscape-design/

Good Friends Gather Round the Firepit

Seat walls DO NOT have to have backs! this is a perfect example of it. The noonbergs & friends are happy hanging out together. Extra firepit stools are available for additional guests. It’s the ambiance, the destination, having plenty of seats . . . https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/backyard-deck/


Best in Show – Having it All

Extreme Modern and gorgeous, the Chau firepit with seat-wall and seat backs is irresistible. They were inspired by a Pinterest photo and the outcome is over the top. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/modern-backyard/

Firepit w/Seat Walls

Corner Firepit with Full Backyard View

Close to the bar and covered structure, the Roscoe firepit with seat-wall works perfectly in this backyard setting. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/backyard-landscape-design/

Firepit with Seat wall

Super Cool Firepit With Seat Walls off the Putting Green

In the Latta backyard with putting green, the firepit is the main event with seat-walls and seat backs for comfort. https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/backyard-fire-pit/

A Destination Showcase

Such a gorgeous backyard with plenty of Backyard Features! Tour the property – https://paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/fire-bowl-pool-landscape/

Firepit with Seat walls


The McFee property is a Tropical Paradise with fun firepit destination . . https://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/inground-pool-backyard-design/

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