Outdoor Room, You NEED to Create Destination & Backyard Features

TODAY’S TIP: ADDING DESTINATION and Backyard Features to your Outdoor Space

Ahhh . . . Just take’n it in – the afternoon sun under the arbor in a custom swing. This is what I want you to think about when designing your backyard. With an Outdoor Room, You NEED to Create Destination! These kinds of features deliver – they pull you from the house and get you outside. This swing matches the outdoor living room swing, the arbor matches the pergola, to coordinate the entire outdoor space, make it feel good and blend together.

Slip into the video and see how these backyard features create harmony and cohesion:


Today’s tip is a simple swing, actually an Arbor with a swing but together they become a destination and that’s the tip for you. I’m going to show you a lot in this video but it’s about getting further out into your landscape. What features will pull you out further? We’re going to show you some ideas so help you enjoy your outdoor space with your family and your friends even more than normal.


How amazing is this? Once you come through the house, then come through that beautiful outdoor kitchen fireplace space – you are drawn a bit further to the sunken fire pit. It will pull you right outside of the house. Not only you but your family and friends – hanging outside. That’s what you want for your space – you want to get out of your interior and start hanging out – OUTSIDE!


The very custom Arbor matches the pergola structure to creates cohesion. It also creates destination. Destination creates purpose and interest. You are drawn to the swing to lay, maybe read a book . . . This kind of feature will pull you out into your landscape. Remember this as you’re thinking of ideas and designing your exterior space.

Backyard Destinations & Features


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