firepit blog jokeWith Spring and Summer roaring toward us, you’ve still got time to design your Backyard Firepit! Need inspiration? You’ve come to the right blog. We’re coocoo for these cozy backyard people-magnets. 46 Firepits (just counted them!) in Backyard settings should give you enough to work with, eh?

Backyard fire pits are unique to each homeowner. Visualize yourself, your friends, and family around one. Not just any old firepit. ‘The One’ just right for you and your backyard. Wondering about the right fit? Hold on to your firepit stool . . . we’re about to go firepit shopping!

Ring around the Firepit

People are drawn to firepits for story-telling and laughter! For Family & Friend time! Nothing compares to stories around fire light. Pull up a stool and swap a few good ones! These are the times you’ll cherish forever. (Wood burning, gas burning, or both – firepits never disappoint)

Fire & Water Go Hand in Hand

If you think about it, fire pairs well with water. These homeowners thought so too. They chose gas firepits with seat walls right next to their inground spas. You can see kids (all ages) going back and forth from one to the other. Add a few cushy chairs for fire gazers who choose to be mesmerized by the flickering flames  . . . all while watching spa antics unfold. These photos might get you in the outdoor mood . . . click ’em to tour the individual properties.

Backyard Landscaping design

spa & firepit

Lake Oswego Landscape

Need more than just a visual perspective? This full ambiance 10 second video has me longing, yep, longing for my outdoor living room. It’s got all the snap, crackle, pop of the fire . . . with the sounds of a jets’ massage. Ooh, ahh.


Many times firepits are paired with seat walls. This smart design feature in a landscape gives you built in seats for a crowd. High or low seat walls surround the firepit. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. We like it! Built-in seating works!

Ready or Not . . . Bring it On!

Let’s do this! Backyard Firepit mania!

Still Don’t Know What You Want?

Whew! After this many backyard firepits . . . you should have a pretty good idea what you’d like in your own backyard. Need help? Designer time! Our designers will show you what might work best in your outdoor living space. Contact us for a complimentary consultation @

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That’s a Wrap Folks!

Thanks for joining us Portland

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