Hole in One

Designing your backyard? Think putting green for a hole in one. 2020 outdoor spaces are filled with living components that enhance our daily lives. Backyard golf greens are two-fold; for entertaining purposes or to improve the family’s golf game. Where and what size is entirely dictated by the homeowners and the property layout.

For those of us who desire to improve our short game but head for the driving range instead, these dynamo-backyard-golf-holes are fun and functional. For instance in the Hirselj backyard, the mini-green is situated for both short and long putts. What better use of a small side yard than for putting practice?

Golfing Out the Back Screen Door

Mini-putt-putt was installed in this backyard entrance where the turf green stands out in front of a hillside backdrop. Fun use of space that otherwise would have been a walking path up to the outdoor bar. Instead, mini-golf-challenges ahead with friends as the burgers, beverages and side-kicks abound. They’ll even have an audience from hot-tub soakers! ‘Fore’ more images: Hauskins

Puttin’ Around

Putt: a gentle stroke that hits a golf ball across the green towards the hole.

The Latta’s incentive for a backyard golf green was inspired by their kids. One of the boys in particular was a whiz at the game so the green became a fun practice venue. Notice the hammock in the corner for naps & privacy. The rest of the yard is a full of cozy features for outdoor nights here in Oregon.

Tucked-in-a-Nook w/Chip Action

Love a good Chip Shot? Over a water hazard? Look no further than the Chau property. It boasts both putting green and tee area. What an impressive use of side yard and stairway. A waterfall feature with step-over boulder to golf green. Now this is where the competition begins; guys come outta the man caves and into the sunlight! Spectators can catch the rivalry and make sure no one is cheating. (cheaters in golf, never!)

Golf Putt Utopia

In DuChene’s big-is-better fairway – you get the long and the short of it. Mimicking golf course practice areas, it’s a jaw dropper. With a refreshment table area close by, firepit to enhance the ambiance and swimming pool to dive into at the end of a round, this is pure golf-putt utopia.

Golf is a lot like taxes: You go for the green and wind up in the hole.

No Handicap Here

This beauty of an outdoor living space is complete with a go-big-or go home golf green. Years of fun ahead for family and friends, and well, homeowners! The Shrivers put it in their landscape design for a reason . . . Envision satisfied guests gathered for a mix of outdoor life activities . . .

Golf turf Longevity

Synthetic turf won’t fade or flatten. Guaranteed to be UV resistant, it retains its color and integrity year after year. For small areas of your yard difficult to finagle a lawnmower, a mini golf green may add ‘just the right look’ aesthetically.

Properly installed manufactured turf will give you approx. 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the volume of traffic. It  is difficult for weeds to grow up from the soil through turf. Upkeep is pretty easy. Some wonder about vacuuming but raking or sweeping is the answer. Best, use a garden hose to remove dust and debris from your  lawn. Bird droppings? Use a mix of warm water, white vinegar and soap. Pressure washing for turf grass without infill is also done with a wide-angle tip, keeping the wand at least one foot from the surface.

Golf is what you play… When you’re too out of shape to play softball

Five Golf-Green-Backyards later, we hope you have a good picture of these fun features in landscape design. Like a Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We’ll help you add one to your property. For additional landscape design ideas, visit our portfolio  or even better, our YouTube Channel

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