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Backyard Hot Tubs & Spas add the savoir fare (style) to Outdoor Living spaces. In this dialogue, we are going to have a bit of fun with Hot Tubs. Following Up with a comedy on In-ground Spas. This blogger is ready for a Vacay . . . post-haste. How many times can a blogger blog on this landscape topic without cracking up? Hot tubs + Humor = Sanity. Backyard Hot Tubs, take it away!

To Soak or Not to Soak – It’s No Longer the Question

Adding an outdoor room to your home is a no brainer. . . adding a hot tub is ingenious! Let us count the ways.

Hot Tub design in landscape#1) There Are Loads of Health Benefits   

#2) Hot Tubs Can Be Used Year-Round   

#3) Hot Tubs Are Relaxing 

#4) It Can Become Your Private Oasis

#5) Hot Tub Soaking = Better Sleep


‘A Soak a Day Keeps the Stress Away’

Some of our favorite homeowners enjoy these hot tubs. Custom woodwork and pergolas add flavor, decor pieces add extra savvy.

Bubble Your Troubles Away

Young, Mid-Life, & Oldies are getting their soak on . . . it’s all about the Bennies & the Jets!

If you Heat it, They Will Come

Food, Family, Fun! As you can see in the Hauskins landscape, their deck design has their Hot Tub in perfect view of all activities. Soak & catch up on your favorite sports via outdoor TV.  Or enjoy front row seats as guests compete in a putt-putt play-off. Pop out to sneak to the appetizer bar for munchies & vino – or have a  non-soaker bring you a little plate . . .

Caution: Hot Water May Cause Total Relaxation

Another Hot-Tub-Hottie in landscape design is the Coffey’s Soak Retreat. Not only is it sitting next to a melodious waterfall with step over path, an outdoor shower complements before or after soak-time.  Appy’s while you relax? No Problemo. The bar island is great for non-soakers & soakers to get their chit-chat on . . . while snacks and the occasional libation is at everyone’s fingertips.

Sometimes You Have to Get in Hot Water to Stay Out Of It

Like in these backyard soak-tubs! Why don’t we take a Ring-around-the-tub tour, shall we?

Hey, BTW, No Peeing in the Tub . . . (sic)

blog cartoonWrinkled Yet?

That’s about all . .  y’all!    Above ground Hot Tubs is Over & Out. Let’s make a date for the next blog . . . In-Ground Spas In Backyards . . . ya wanna?

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Hot Tubbers Gone Wild . . .

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