Built in Pub style Bar for Backyard

Hey Everybody, Outdoor Living Guy with another Tuesday tip for you – how built-in backyard kitchen bars maximize space.  Tip: A small bar table attached to the post of the detached structure.  We turned this post into a post table – a 42” table built in bar for patio area right across from your double-sided fireplace. This is a very natural way to add space for people to hang out around . . . a pub style backyard kitchen bar. Four extra seats we can imagine people hanging out around, talking, playing cards, having a glass of wine, or whatever!

Bar on the Side

You will see how these outdoor bar ideas maximize space – that little backyard kitchen bar on the side. Another thing I like about this little bar to maximize space is . . . it is an addition to the long kitchen bar. Everyone loves a kitchen bar with direct view to the TV – the 4 bar stools look to the fireplace and television direction.

It is nice to have a second bar table to hang out at – to talk to people on both sides of the bar, the kitchen side, and the pergola-patio side.  In this space, you have 4 spots with the pub style backyard bar added to the 4 spots at the outdoor kitchen bar. In tight areas like this – they’ll be used a lot – they’ll be people-magnets.

Wrap a Bar Around It

Notice how the cool it is to hang out at the post-bar and be able to join into conversations with people on both sides of the double-sided fireplace. You can also interact with friends and family at the firepit. This in the center of it all bar table will be very popular place to sit at a party.

We Appreciate You

We totally appreciate you guys for spending time and gathering ideas with this vlog on Backyard Kitchen Bars. See you soon and if you have any questions, have any comments or want us to do a video on any subject, please contact us. We will do our best to shoot a Tuesday Tip video to answer or even a complete video on your question. Also, there are plenty of built in pub bar in landscape ideas in our portfolio  Like a  Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

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