15 Must-Haves in your Backyard Kitchen Design

Years ago, people would think you were daydreaming to consider these 15 essentials we believe are Must-Haves in your backyard kitchen. It seems I’ve written these words a gazillion times . . . backyards aren’t like your Mommas backyards anymore. They are extensions of your home…. yep, right out the backdoor. Nope, not copycat mini campsites . . . not stand alone grills oozing grease from the last BBQ . . . not picnic tables with paper plates & Moms running back & forth to grab things outta the kitchen. They are the real Mccoy! Full on kitchens with amenities at your fingertips. Ladies and outdoor chefs, ya want to see ’em? Let’s get this photo-party started!

#1 Cooktops – Getting Your Grill On

#2 Solid Surface Countertops! WooHoo – Gotta love ‘Em!

#3 Electrify Me – Adding Spark to Your Kitchen (Outlets)

#4 Bring on the Beer Boys! (Hey, Women like Beer too!) Kegerator

#5 Chillin’ Out – Outdoor Refrigerators Rule

#6 Ice Ice Baby – Ice Maker in the House!

#7 & #8  Gotta Have It Kitchen Sinks & Garbage Disposals Too!

#9 Love The Wine You’re With –  Wine Coolers

#10 Cozy Up To the Bar – Kitchen Bar That Is

# 11 Putting the Trashing Out

#12 & #13 Get Your Storage On & Outdoor Dishwasher Heaven

#14 Let There Be Light

#15 – Ceiling Fans Rock

Ready for Outdoor Kitchen Feedback From an Expert?

We’ve got it covered…. Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy, is who we copied the jist of this blog from today. (And his video expert Paris Gilmore) We’ve kept you in pictures, Micah will talk the talk. Watch why these 15 essentials makeup the best Backyard Kitchen Design.

Information Overload, eh? So now, Are You An Expert?

There is learning a thing and doing a thing, eh?  Hopefully you were able to get some important basics on outdoor kitchens. Have questions? Give us a jingle. We’ll even come to your backyard and give you some expert ideas.  Want to pour over more photos? Easy, in our Portfolio. Even better than perusing photos, sit back, relax & enjoy more Outdoor Living Videos.  We love outdoor living and are happy to share. Afterall, this is what we do and we’ve got our subject down pat! We want you to step outside into your backyard kitchen and enjoy the ease and comfort we’ve shown here today.


That’s a Wrap Guys

Over & Out from Team Paradise – Get Outside Portland – From Our Backyard to Yours, Enjoy Summer!

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