blog cartoonWhen you’re looking for backyard landscaping ideas, where ya gonna go? Easy question –  Paradise Restored.  We enjoy creating go-to spots in landscape design. So hop on a visual train ride through some of our favorite backyards. Get ready for idea central!


Because families come in all shapes and sizes, let’s start with kid time. Parents want to relax in peace and shake the day off, right? By providing the kids with a place to play you can get some serious adult time.


Like basketball? Put a court in your backyard. This age-old sport is a favorite for all ages.

 When You Feel like Putting Around

Your friends and family will love having a putting green in the backyard. Friendly competition between guys or gals – young and old –  is all part of the fun.

Pets are Family too!

Adding synthetic turf to your landscape makes a dogs life happier. Artificial turf for dogs is a good choice. Sincerely, the poop-scoop relief itself is mind changing. A dog-run with artificial turf makes much better sense than regular grass. It cleans up better. Another bonus, gone are the yellow dead patches from the high-nitrogen urine.

Speaking of dog urine, did you know, synthetic turfs offer superior drainage? Most pet-friendly turf also has antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of toxins and neutralize odors.

Get your Pipin’ Hot Pizza In your Own Backyard

HOLD ON TO YOUR CRUSHED RED PEPPERS . . . Take a look at some outdoor pizza ovens in landscape design:pizza ovens are gaining popularity in outdoor living. All sorts of outdoor pizza ovens are coming out of the woodwork.

Getting your Soak On

We can’t say enough about hot tubs and spas. So we won’t. Pictures speak louder than words anyway. Fun video too!

Firepits are Family Favorites

Did I say Idea Central? One of these fabulous firepits has your name on it . . . Imagine it in your backyard . . .

That’s a Wrap!

Whew that last Category was a doozy! Time to put this blog to bed. We hope you penciled down some great ideas. Like to keep going on your backyard idea hunt?

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Until Next time Portland, Get Outside

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