Covered Outdoor Living Space (IN THE TREES)

Hey guys, Micah, Outdoor Living Guy – talking to you today about maximizing space in Backyard Landscaping design – even in a property with a lot of trees. The video will show a grove of trees and what we were able to accomplish – a beautiful two room covered structure with hot tub, fireplace, outdoor TV, and a bar table. This large Backyard Landscaping in a group of trees is a two-room structure – nice, large, livable.

We brought extra-muscle to maneuver this outdoor living space in & around trees to create this dramatic effect. Think about that when you are building your own space – especially if you have a Grove of trees like this. First, you’ll have to think about the design, then because you can’t get heavy equipment in through the trees to help build the structure, you’ll have to rely upon muscle & manpower. Check it out- this video shows what we went through while installing this structure:

Neighborhood Shout-Out

We had to get the neighborhood boys over and all of us started lifting the beams up together. It took a lot of hard work and was fun at the same time. The guys were able to flex their muscles along with the homeowners themselves. This is not something we typically do as a company – but we needed manpower to lift these beams. So, we got a little creative with our covered outdoor room in the trees – we called in some manpower. The final product shows off our ‘muscle power’ success story – this amazing Oasis in the woods.

An amazing, picturesque patio cover under the trees – to pull you out of your house into a once, very unusable outdoor space. ‘Before’ a wooded area, ‘Now’ a beautiful destination in a forest environment. Use the hot tub, catch a game on the TV, snuggle up to the warmth of the fireplace or grab a snack at the bar table. Another great feature, a monster fire pit to pull people outside to enjoy the ambiance. With all these amenities, you’ll want to maximize space in your outdoor room.

Who wouldn’t want a built-in-Bluetooth-speaker-system as part of hot tub? If you have the TV speaker system connected to the Bluetooth, you can listen to music or watch a movie while in the hot tub.

One question people ask, “Should we put the hot tub underneath the covered structure?” I’d say yes in situations like this one, as the structure is big enough. Outdoor living spaces hold many features like fireplaces, TV’s, barbecues – they all need lots of space.

So, when you think you need a clear patch of land to design and build an outdoor space – check out this video idea – a covered outdoor living space in & around trees.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for joining us for our Backyard Landscaping video. We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you design your landscape. Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We are happy to answer questions or give advice. Have you seen the latest landscapes in our Portfolio? See the before and after photos in each one.

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