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Hey guys, Portlanders are getting their party on.  What’s all the hype? Head out the backdoor to see where fun, food, family, and friends are coming together – homeowners sharing their Backyard Living Spaces.

4 View Properties shown: Wheeler, Gibson, Roscoe, Thompson      YouTube Video Property: Pool Party

Why OUT is the new IN

Simple, Living Space . . . Outdoors! Times have changed. Backyards aren’t like your mama’s backyard anymore. Backyards are Outdoor Living Spaces that maximize Living potential. They’ve become a part of the house. Like the kitchen and family room . . . they’re another room . . .  the Backyard Living Room. Think Years Ago. Backyards were looked at from the inside-out. Kids played outside. Lots of lawn, flower beds. To look at, not to live in.

“Outdoor Living” terminology began trending a decade ago and isn’t fading. It remains at top-of-the-list for landscape trends. Many homeowners are just beginning to transform exteriors into functional backyard living and entertaining spaces. Like these fabulous four . . .

2019 Designs shown: Forest, Folske, Stocker, & Gilbert properties . . .

Backyards for All Generations

Enhance your everyday lifestyle. Baby boomers, Gen X and Millennial’s need to take it outside and live a little.  Backyard Living Spaces come in all shapes, sizes and styles – for all generations of Homeowners. No, we are not created equal. We are a jumble of personalities and styles. And that’s the fun thing about it, creating a living space unique to you.

Need show & tell ideas? Our Portfolio has tons of homeowner stories. You’re never too old or too young for a revamped backyard. It’s one of those things that keeps giving back – year after year, memory after memory.


blog image - finish lineReaching the Remodel Finish Line

Let’s follow the trail of the Satchwell backyard remodel . . . Design-Winter-Spring-Summer . . . Fabulous Finale . . .





Okay Portland, that’s about it for today. Go look out your windows and visualize some ideas for your backyard. Need to collaborate with experts? We’ll be right over – complimentary consults are our thing!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside!

Kim Thibodeau,  Landscape Chit-Chatter


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