Backyard Makeovers – Before & After

blog pictureCall it a landscape project, transformation, or design renovation . . . it all boils down to the same thing – Backyard Makeovers, Baby!

We can search the net, google keywords and find ideas, and yet, 2 simple pictures, Before & After, can be the inspiration for your landscape transformation.  Go from underwhelming to extremely impressive. Before & After Backyard Makeovers will show you how to add drama and oomph to your everyday outdoor life.  What are we waiting for?

Can’t see The Forest for the Trees

This Outdoor Living Room sprawls in a forest setting and gets one’s attention – that is after the reno. Have a hillside with yard space down below? Cut a useable walkway into it and enjoy the retreat. Perfect little soccer lawn for this family . . . see what else they came up with.

Something’s Gotta go . . . Got Tree?

No way around it, this tree left the landscape. Cozy-on into this multi-functional outdoor area with hot tub and shower on the side. The landscape has much more to the design. Take a walk-thru.

We Gotcha’ Covered

Detached Covered Structures Rock. This striking landscape transformation has it all. Try it on for the right fit for your backyard. Pop in for a closer look.

Make Mine on the Rustic Side

Still trying to figure out Modern Rustic? This outdoor space defines it. An open floor plan, modern furnishings, and exposed natural architectural elements. This is how to take a narrow backyard and transform it.  Ya wanna see the putting green? Go in to look around.

Dull to Dramatic – Adding Flavor to Your Outdoor Life

Impossible dream? Nope. (If you dream it . . .) This is a very dramatic landscape change. Want to see a piece of it in action? Youtube shows the design/build process. Or you can take a visual tour.

Put a little Sport Court in it!

This should be called, “How to take a sad side yard and turn it into sport court heaven.” But, who needs to name it? Besides, that’s not the only ‘thumbs up’ activity in this makeover. The corner firepit is just right. The Living Room space has doubled and the Grill Island Bar & Dining Area looks inviting. Go for a Look-See. No captions: photos speak for themselves.

There’s No Place Like Home

You got that right. Nothing under the sun like home. Unless you UpGrade it!  Hold onto your seats folks. This Before & After is one of a kind. Tour?

Re-Scape Poolscape – Say that 5 times Fast!

Another ‘Best in Show’ makeover comes with palm trees and poolside ambiance. She’s a beauty, especially after a strategic Makeover. Grab your floaties and dive in!

Favorite Fusion: Fun & Function

A slab of concrete and grass……. or a yard with destinations spots! Landscape design adds outdoor life to your lifestyle.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Good old fashioned fun. Yep, Outside breathing fresh air and playing hard! Tour both looks at this property and see how much fun everyone is having. Nicole Court & Pool Party

A Waterfall Flows Through It

A hillside nightmare turned into a water feature dream-venue creates a much needed landscape facelift. Go ahead, see the rest of the property.

Before You Go

Hey guys, thanks for poking through these Backyard Makeovers – Before & After. We try to get the photos out to you during peak-design-idea time. Like Spring & summer. We are loaded with  hundreds of ideas in our Portfolio. They’ll show before photos, design plans, and after photos.

Need help coming up with a design plan? Complimentary In-Landscape Consultations make it easy for you!

That’s a Wrap

Okie Dokie, Portland… 10 straight sunny days ahead! So get your bottoms out the door into the sunshine! Walk around those backyards and think of ways to renovate, transformate, and give your landscape an extreme makeover!


Soaking Up Some Rays,

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Must have Sun Soon

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