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Sure we all love our neighbors, but jeepers-peepers, not as an audience to our everyday-outdoor-lives. To mimic the seclusion we feel indoors – in our outdoor spaces . . . we create Backyard Privacy Screens. Being familiar with custom wood screens that look sharp in landscape design we may not realize there are other incognito Backyard Privacy Screens – that shield our neighbors observing eyes.

Micah Dennis and his landscape video crew take us on a ‘privateness journey’ where camouflaged screens are Stare-Stoppers. After the video, we’ll visit individual backyards for a more contemplative view of screening styles.

Privacy in the Tub and out of it . . .

Hot tub shenanigans are safely shielded here in the Finch backyard.

Soak & A Shower – In the Coffey property, the privacy shower is the Screen Saver from neighbors’ inquiring eyes . . .

The Doaks’ Love to Soak – by day or by the light of the moon – No Watchers Allowed.

Privacy fence – top to bottom in the Zabaldo Spa Area as they soak in the view.

Living Wall Screens

Plant walls, vertical walls, living wall screens – you name ’em . . . these dynamo explosions of nature bring it all in while keeping eyes out.


As you can see, outdoor room walls are themselves a screen from neighbors’ attentiveness. Outdoor living spaces become our havens, exempt from under the microscope scrutiny. Are neighbors really that snoopy? Probably not, however, the comfort-ability factor of being undisturbed by others is priceless.

FIREPLACE SCREEN WALLS we Want to be in Front of

Cool summer nights . . . firelight . . . telly . . . heavy sigh. Click images to take a quick tour of these properties . . .

Clackamas Landscape Design

Small Backyard GazeboGazebo Attached - Perfect

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplace WallsFence Me In – Keeps Can’t Stop the Staring – Out

Bordering your property space with a fence & screens pretty much says . . . “We want to keep it to Ourselves . . .”

The Screen Works – Custom Fence, Wood Structure, Bamboo, Firepit Wall/Screen

in ground spa

What happens in our backyards . . . stays in our backyards

Need more hide-a-way ideas? Find all kinds of Backyard Privacy Screens in our portfolio    Or visit our YouTube Channel    Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

It’s a Wrap!

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