Onesie-Twosie How to Create a Doozy

Just getting started on creating a Backyard Renovation? Let’s investigate the step-by-step process of what it takes to design and build the backyard of your dreams.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”

Of course, Dale Carnegie’s quote is a no-brainer in everyday life, but when considering a backyard renovation, a design plan is paramount. Contemplate function plus aesthetics. What do you love to do? Eat, relax, play . . . have friends over? Absolutely, it’s your outdoor space. Do you love fire features but aren’t crazy about water? Want minimalist yet all the bells & whistles? It’s your life, create your best living lifestyle. Our Designers have super-powers. They’ll turn your must-haves and day-dreams into super-cool designs.

De-construct to Re-construct

Break ground and make a mess of your boring old backyard. It’s amazing what can happen when a design plan and a construction crew take over! Yes, it will be a journey but the finish line is well-worth-it.

A recent homeowner review says it best: “We did a major outdoor living space project with Paradise Restored in our backyard and we absolutely love it. From the owner to the job foreman to the crew and the accounting department, they are all professional truly great people. I am so glad we choose to work with Paradise Restored from the design to build. . . I would highly recommend the team Paradise Restored. We will enjoy this space for years to come and look forward to entertaining our family and friends in the style we appreciate.” W. Hueffner

Get your Footing – Invisible Hardscapes

Step #3 – Choose your Footing. Hardscapes may seem invisible but are a crucial component to develop your outdoor space. You’ve got plenty of options . . . paths, retaining walls, and patio hardscaping allow more room for creative design. Since paved areas can support structures, retaining walls prevent erosion, and pathways are vital for foot-stepping, your paving choices enhance your total outdoor living space.

Check out these landscape hardscapes . . . see any you’d love for your backyard makeover?

Let’s Get It Covered

Thinking Living Room – outside, cozy fire, ambiance? In Portland, ya gotta cover it! Instead of photos, the YouTube Video below covers it best. Thanks Outdoor Living Guy.

For those of you who want an Attached Covered Structure, click into the link. Good info for options.

Outdoor Eats Can’t Be Beat

Yep, eating AL Fresco Boosts Your Mood – Supports Concentration – Reduces Stress – Lowers Risk Of Illness And Disease . . . No wonder we love it so much! Just spending time outdoors may help lower your blood pressure and heart rate—all thanks to moving ourselves outside.

If you want some great kitchen ideas, Outdoor Kitchens will show you why kitchen are go-to spots in Backyard Renovations.

Grill in Landscape

Fire, Fire, Fire

Everyone loves fire. Some like firepits, others a fireplace wall in their outdoor living room. And many like both! If you can see a fire feature in your outdoor space, maybe some of these will catch your eye.

We’ll start with Firepit images then show off a few Fireplaces in our video.

Water Works in Backyards

Pools, Spas, Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains – Cool you off and help you Chill out and add the sweet sounds of serenity!

Step #7 – Want water feature possibilities for your backyard? The link will take you on an expedition in water works that’ll dazzle your senses. Notice the Pots and Spouts below – perfect, eh?

Living’ The Sweat Life

If you love soak and sweat benefits for your body, why not in your back yard? Spas and saunas are even better in the privacy of your property. Want company? Invite friends & family. Consider these features for your backyard makeover.

Bonus . . . In-ground spas are gorgeous . . .

Better than Cell-Phone Features

Peace, calm, serenity . . . or Fun, Frolic, & Friend-Magnets? What’cha looking for in your landscape? Different activities for all kinds of people, right? When we finally get ’em outside, what can we do to get ’em off their phones? Sport Courts, Putting Greens, Hammock time & Trampolines. Outdoor Bars for sports events, Swimming pools & Theater Screens. Lounge by the pool or sit and stare into the fire.

Think about you and your family and what you’d love to be able to do daily.

Fulfillment at the Finish Line

Can we say it any better than this happy homeowner? “We will enjoy this space for years to come and look forward to entertaining our family and friends in the style we appreciate” . . . Spring is right around the corner. Think of how much they’ll enjoy their renovated backyard and new family lifestyle.

“Take it outside” is more than cutesy words. Extending indoor-space-out into your unused property and turning it into an outdoor hang-out is exactly what the shrink ordered! Things have changed. We are bone-tired and we want instant relax-mode. A place to unwind and recharge. Backyard Renovations are a gift to yourself that will last your lifetime and they’ll always be uniquely yours.

Want Additional Landscape Design Ideas?

Complimentary Consultation? You got it! Ideas? Visit to our portfolio or YouTube Channel

It’s a Wrap!

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Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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