A Backyard Without a Sauna is like A

Day without Sunshine? Life without Relaxing? Backyard Saunas – Rock. Want to open your pores, relax your limbs and release a cleansing wash of perspiration all over your body? Sauna-time! Hot, dry . . . and yet, don’t forget the sweat! Did you know moist heat feels hotter because the moisture-in-the-air prevents your sweat from evaporating and cooling your body? Good thing Saunas use dry heat. With less moisture in the air, you can safely sweat it out in these hot boxes at temperatures around 176 degrees. Hard-core-sauna-fans often brave even hotter conditions.

Sweat. It. Out.

Micah Dennis, CEO of Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design, is a big fan of Backyard Saunas. After a long-multi-task day, he heads for his barrel sauna. Sure, his family is welcome to join him, however, it’s usually the old – ‘me, myself, & I’ – for this Outdoor Living Guy.

Micah loves his sauna so much, he’s behind this Video ‘product review’ to show them off a bit. Glad he did, I’m thinking I want one ASAP.


This Is How We Do It . . .

After assembly, the sauna comes with a 4.5kw stainless steel heater and stones. The sauna will heat to as much as 195F in under an hour. Sprinkle water on the hot sauna stones for a burst of rejuvenating steam. Like a more traditional sauna experience? A bucket and ladle is a fun for adding ambiance. Essential oils may be added for a calming and relaxing scent. Some say the heated wood scents are better for them.

A barrel sauna provides deep, unparalleled relaxation. The soft, diffused glow of the interior LED lighting and opposite-facing benches encourage genuine conversation and interaction.

A Woman Looks Beautiful After the Sauna

Saunas Might Actually Be Really Good For You—Here’s Why: 9 Sauna Health Benefits Every Woman Should Know – By Gabrielle Kassel

Quotes and Quips – by Christopher Rice

“The sauna was not built for saving time but for spending it well.” — Bernhard Hillila, The Sauna Is

“There is a tenseness and tautness in the everyday, work-a-day world of Americans, in the hustle-bustle daily drive of making a living. […] It is my contention that Americans should learn to relax more, calm down, quit fighting nature, stop premature aging of the body and try to eliminate nervous breakdowns. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get into the weekly or semi-weekly, leisurely sauna habit.” — S.C. Olin, Sauna: The Way to Health

“In the warm and dark embrace of the sauna, people become calm and sensitized, they open up and even talk about difficult matters to those near and dear.” — Harri Hautajärvi, Villas Saunas in Finland

“You gotta sauna when you wanna.” — Jeff Pyzyk

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We’ve been renovating backyards for 25+ years and are experts with outdoor living spaces. Go-to spots in outdoor life are an important rule of thumb in landscape design and Backyard Saunas make a great destination point. For inspiration for other backyard ideas – visit our gallery of works in our portfolio. Or, visit our YouTube Channel …Been thinking you’d like a Complimentary Consultation? Sure, we’ll come to your landscape and help with design ideas.

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