Come and Get it – Get your Backyard Swim Spa

Hey Guys! Ya know . . .  there are swimmers and then there are swimmers. Some people just plain old love dipping into water. Like – out the backdoor – Backyard Swim Spa – dipping into water. How’d you like to swim in the middle of a forest? Hold onto your swim trunks – you’re about to get the skinny on a swim-spa landscape design – deep in a forest.

When I dip you dip we dip – Landscape Reveal!

Again, swimmers love water . . . am I getting through to you? It’s like the air they breathe and the ground they walk on – it’s part of their every day living. So when you’re surrounded by forest with zero water holes around . . . you bring the water to you.  Abracadabra . . . Swim-Spa . . . Hey, wait a minute – this is a Landscape Design Reveal. Yes, the swim-spa is spectacular . . . but, that’s not all!

There’s a Bear in the Woods . . . nope – It’s a Swim-Spa!

Imagine a split-level landscape design surrounded by nature. An outdoor living design chock-full of fabulous features and destination spots to “get-your-relax-on.” Click in to view a forest property that has it all . . . including a Swim Spa!


Did you like this Swim-Spa in the Woods?

Swim-Spas are the best – for any & all ages! Think of forever family memories of this outdoor activity. Swim or Soak – what’s your favorite? Maybe both? A swim-deck with picnic table for hungry swimmers sits alongside the spa. Swimmers might need a quick break to grab snacks/drinks before diving back in. This nook is also great for swim-watchers who want to be part of the action – on dry deck. Notice the hanging towel rack? Smart idea, eh?

A Private Dinner-in-the-Woods Effect

Did you notice the top level dining patio off the front porch? Subtle and sophisticated the modern juxtaposition works well in this natural setting. Okay, it’s more than that – It’s gorgeous! A stone and wood A-frame Grill Island with countertops – ‘close to the indoor kitchen’ is helpful for outdoor cooking & dining.

Fire & Water – Fraternal Twins in Landscape Destination Spots

Hey, the party isn’t over – head down boulder-steps to a large firepit on the lower patio. Have you ever walked down boulder steps? These pathway steps are perfect in the forest. And who can resist the dance of the flames? And yet, who can resist the lure of a swim-spa? Twin Attraction Sites will have family and friends dipping in and out, all night long.

Tired, Hungry & Ready to Relax

Life can be old & tiring, eh? Instead of feeling fresh as a daisy as in morning-wake-up, 12 hours later we need unwind-&-relax time. This forest backyard has plenty of places to do just that. We love the hardscaped outdoor room boasting a kitchen bar island with refrigerator & sink. Plenty of eating space and food prep on this ample countertop. (The bar stools are a must-have with their swivel-glide) Also, a large dining area with retractable awning for feeding a tribe. (dry or rainy weather, thanks awning canopy) To dark-to-park your behind? Nope, with heat lamps and ambient lighting, even in a dark forest the pathways are filled with light. (no blind-mans-bluff in this backyard)

Speaking of Night-Swimming . . .

Oh that’s right, we weren’t BUT check out one of Our Swim Fun – YouTube Videos:

Swim Nuts Getting Water Logged:

Third Times the Charm

Okay, Okay, hold onto your swimsuits – one last video on Spas . . . after all this story is about Swim-Spas, right?

Over & Out – But Before we Go . . .

Weird Swimmer FactsInternational Swimming Hall Of Fame
  • Freedivers can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes.
  • The average high school swimmer swims 1 million strokes per season.
  • Most of the nation’s population cannot swim.
  • The oldest stroke is the breaststroke.
  • Swimmers sweat in the pool.
  • The world’s youngest internationally competitive is 10
  • The world’s oldest swimmer is 100 years old.
  • Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida (103 miles) then 64 year old.
  • Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies.

That’s a Wrap

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