Should I invest in a Swimming Pool? (7 Reasons to say YES)

Is it smart to invest in Backyard Swimming Pools? We will not only tell you the answer in this video – we will show you 7 reasons why you should invest in an inground backyard swimming pool!

Best Decision of My Life

Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy: I put in an inground swimming pool about 7 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. We have had so many memories already. Playing in the pool is just part of the fun. If you do some jumping rocks on the edge of the pool then you can create endless jumping contests and cannon ball competitions. If you add a slide then the fun will almost never stop….as you saw in this video.

Reason #1 Memories

Swimming pools are fun for all ages. Young kids of course but pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, all the way up to elderly ones love a swimming pool. Its not just to swim but a pool is the center of the outdoor living space. Kids can be playing at one end and adults can be cooling off at the other end. Because the pool attracts everyone all summer long you will have so much time with your family and friends.

2nd Reason to Put a Pool in it – A Lifetime of Fun!

#3 – It becomes the Center of Your Outdoor Living Space

 #4 – Dive in Movies

The traditional BBQ weekend will last all summer long. Outdoor Movie nights around the pool are one of my favorites. They are called “Dive in Movies” because you can watch the movie from the swimming pool and dive in all movie long. Click on Photo to watch video!
video on backyard movie theatre

Reason for a Pool #5 – Get Outside

Get those kiddies off their backsides and out into the fresh air! Grown-ups too!

Number Six: Social Hub

Another fun fact about swimming pools is they will become the hang out hub for all future parties. Anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, gender reveals parties, and etc. will be held at the new pool.
Pool PartyPool PartyPool PartyPool Party

Number 7 – Financial Heaven

Micah, Outdoor Living Guy: So when asked the question, is it smart to invest in Backyard Swimming Pools? Easy Answer – Yes! Return on your investment never goes out of style. Pools enhance the value of your property – they just do! There are so many reasons to invest in a swimming pool. My top 7 are highlighted in this video.  I hope you enjoyed it. And sincerely, take the plunge, you’ll be glad you did. 

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