Schools Out for Summer

blog cartoonTime for some Hot Fun in the Summertime; time for Backyard Water Features!

Hi Guys! It’s 2019 & People are extending their lifestyles into outdoor living spaces, right? And what’s the best way to cool your jets in the summer? Backyard Water Features! I know this is sounding a bit cartoonish, but seriously, Water works in your backyard.

Pools, Spas, Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains – Cool you off and help you Chill out! Let’s give it a whirl, eh? Let’s explore water feature possibilities for your backyard. We’ll throw in a few photos, videos and keep the small-talk on the down-low. (Yep, this is sounding pretty comic-strip, ya think?)

So to keep us straight down the middle of our Slip-N-Slide, let’s hear from an expert, Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy.

Afterwards, we’ll make a deliberate display of our water feature accomplishments. (Shame on us for showing off!) We’ll try to tag each photo with the Property name so you can tour the entire property in our Portfolio.


Takin’ it Poolside

Let’s face it, there are Pool-People and there aren’t. (How’s that for waxing-poetic?) But, the simple fact is, when you have a pool, you live a pool-life. You don’t quite know if you have real friends, or if it’s all about your pool. Long after the pool-seekers vamoosh, you have the reward of upkeep & maintenance. Sound negative? Not at all. It is – what it is. At Paradise Restored, we think ‘Pools are tops’ in water-feature-heaven. And, Pool-People get it. They just get it.

There’s Something about Soaking in a Spa

It’s a Spa-life for me, how ’bout you? The hot water and jets take you on a body/mind escape to help you unwind in a way that’s hard to replicate. Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and soreness. Hot tubs, with a combo of buoyancy, heat and massage relieve tension and stress. Hence, they become people-magnets and don’t get me started on kids and hot tubs! Can you say wrinkled fingers?

In-ground or above, Check out 4 Benefits of Having a Hot Tub

Ever Ponder about Pond Life?

We do! Because ponds in Landscape Design are fabuloso… entrance ponds, waterfall ponds, koi ponds . . . Ponds are hotspots! Especially for bringing life into a habitat . . . Here we go, showing off more of our favorites:

Waterfall Water Features are Catching on Fire

Hey wait! It’s not Hammock-time Yet!

There are all kinds of cool water features left to boast about. Get your creative on. Bubblers, Spouts, Deer Scarers . . . Still don’t know which water feature strikes your fancy? Ask our designers, they’re super talented, can envision the best space for it in your landscape and practise makes perfect. (It’s also what they went to school for because they had a natural inclination!)


That’s All folks!

Whew, all these water works have made me thirsty. Better step out my backdoor and take a plunge into one of my favorite backyard water features. Need a few more ideas? Pop in to Our: Portfolio, YouTube Channel, Landscape Blog . . . Or, we can come out to your landscape to collaborate on a water feature just right for you and your family.


Thanks for stoppin’ in!  Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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