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blog cartoonWho doesn’t love a Backyard Makeover? Like all home renovations, the homeowners grin & bear it . . . It’s months of dust, sometimes mud, invasion of privacy from construction crews daily, and nails-on-chalkboard anticipation as the finish blog cartoonline approaches. Come on guys, we all know construction projects can be a true test of patience and character. But after the cloud of construction dust settles & the front yard decor (port-a-potty) is hauled away . . . the Backyard Makeover is complete & ready for Living In. Nothing like a beautiful, functional Backyard with all the Bells & Whistles!

That’s the beauty of a before and after blog – we get to see the finished results – pronto!  Quit stalling eh? Let’s dig right in to see some fabulous Backyard Makeovers by Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design.



One of my favorite backyard makeovers, the Washington property. These 2 Green Thumbs, love plants, shrubs & trees. With a balcony-deck so inviting out the sliding back door, they didn’t venture down into their huge property and it became neglected and unused. They wanted to peer over the deck and see Plant Paradise, thus, a landscape renovation. Now instead of looking down from above, they go down into the backyard and enjoy the planters’ paradise they dreamed of and helped create.


From ‘basic backyard’ to ‘ready for a crowd,’ the Ruesch property gets our 5-star award for crowd pleasing – and it can accomodate a crowd too! The see-thru fireplace has seating for 2 on both sides – double the fun! Take an open-mouthed tour – we know you are going to love this one.


Adding a spa & firepit patio is always a ‘thumbs up’ backyard makeover. The Bergeron property  now boasts one along with a new entrance to their equestrian estate. With acres of space to enjoy, why not spread out a little and enjoy the ambiance.


Okay, okay – stop with all the super big backyards – small yards are beautiful too! Like the Smith property. Their lean-to-gazebo is magnificent, a quick step from ‘added’ french doors into a family-cave outdoor living room with fireplace wall, skylights . . . pretty spectacular . . .


Lean-to-Gazebos are gorgeous adding an all-season-feel to any out-the-back-door patio. (boy, that was a mouthful) But really, they create a top-of-the-line awning over outdoor living rooms. In the Finch property, the outdoor kitchen is Fabulous. The woodwork is a highlight, the privacy screens an added bonus, and the spa a family favorite. Take a closer look – did I mention it’s Fabulous with a capital ‘F’?


Since we seem to be on the subject of a lean-to layout, let’s take a quick look at another – The Jamieson property. It may seem an optical illusion – the backyard seems so much bigger with the covered structure. Notice the different go-to areas for friends and family – click into the link to see why this backyard is a neighborhood hang-out.


Spreading out – let’s take in the view of a Team Paradise favorite. This was an enormous backyard makeover. How could we have a Before & After blog without including it? Kimberlie Ct is an empty nester backyard paradise you’ve got to see to believe. And you can . . . ‘cuz we’ve got the photos! Check it out!


Okay, close your mouth! Yes, that last one was a jaw-dropper but moving on we have so much more to see. For instance, another shocker backyard, the McFee tropical paradise. Who knew people lived like this? Seriously? Of course we’ve seen beautiful outdoors spaces but many look austere and barely lived in. That’s why this property draws us in. The vibrant colors and fun gatherings spots have people appeal . . . we want an invitation! Take a closer look . . . click on the link


Where to next? Let’s drop in on one of the nicest couples in Portland…. The Rossons! These two decided on a backyard makeover for their family to enjoy. It’s full of many destination spots and you can imagine it filling up with all sorts of family! Don’t forget, each of these properties has a link to see things from a bird’s eye view….


Wanna see a how a small-as-can-be backyard took on space with the right landscape design? It’s pretty incredible and oh so comfy. The Bownagel property is as cute as it can be – just like their kids! It’s such a fun backyard with all the elements of larger landscapes. Pop in to take a look at the layout.


Who loves to eat outdoors? We all do, right? In the Brehm property backyard makeover, the kitchen & bar area took center stage. Although a smaller backyard, it packs an outdoor punch that larger yards have trouble delivering. It’s become the highlight of their homelife. Looks like fun, eh?

What did you think of these Makeovers? So little time, so many more Backyards…. let’s do this again soon., shall we? We love sharing our Before & After Backyards.

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Until later, get outside and enjoy your backyards!

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