Best Backyard Before & Afters

Okay my friends . . . Best Backyard Before & Afters is pretty self explanatory. We’ll check out the old, then show off the new. Best part? A video on each backyard transformation is shown. So ready or not, Here We Come: Best Backyard Makeovers

Creating a ‘Someday’ Landscape

My personal favorite? I love so many it’s hard to choose, however, this is my favorite. I call it my ‘someday place’ . . . but it’s actually, the Stocker Property. For me, it brings a whole new meaning to, “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Backyard Haven In the Making

Goodbye chickens, hello outdoor heaven! The Martinez homeowners changed their everyday lifestyle. Saying goodbye to the chickens, they turned their unused space into a place for themselves with/dogrun for their friends and neighbors to visit. How’s that for a twist? An outdoor living space where friends can bring their canine pets to hang out in the backyard while they spend time inside the hog-wired fenced patio for a get together.

It’s All In The Design

Take a narrow, smaller backyard and rearrange a few things . . . what do you get? The Hirselj’s ‘All-in-One’ Backyard.

All in a Day’s Work

Well may be a few more days to create a backyard this beautiful, right Grove Homeowners? Both front and back yards have been renovated.

Pizza Pie Oven Anyone?

That’s Amore . . . yep, love of Pizza . . . love of new backyard . . . nice vision Fishel Family!

Want Tuscan Vibes?

You got it . . . or should I say the Folskes got it . . . got everything they wanted and more in this little bit O’Italy landscape design!

Go Big or Go Home

Well actually . . . it is home! The Duchene Before & After Backyard is a must see! Pop into the property and look around.

We’ve Got You Covered

Louvered awning anyone? This backyard has 2! Good Thinking Castle Homeowners! If not an awning, maybe a pergola will do?!

Make it a Pub Style w/3-sided Fireplace

The Carey homeowners love beer & burgers . . . so what you see is what they wished for . . .

Put a Roof Over It

The Bissels did and it’s awesome . . .

That’s a Wrap!

Except, now that I think of it, there is one more great Before & After video from awhile back in our YouTube Channel . .  that is, if you haven’t seen it in another one of our Landscape Blogs . . .

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