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blog cartoonYep, it’s that time again! Design Reveal. And this one will get your mouth watering for a little Slice – a slice of Pizza and a slice of cozy outdoor living. Paradise Restored is all about Exterior Design; kinda like a pizza pie. You take a mixture of ingredients, individual to what you like best, and voila, a delicious pie where no two are the same. Ditto with Landscapes. Choosing favorite features for you and your family, you design your best backyard, where no two are the same. In this Landscape Design Reveal you get both with the Best Backyard Pizza Oven taking center stage.

pizza oven installation in backyardNot All Pizza Ovens R Created Equal

If you are wondering who has the Best Backyard Pizza Oven, ask the Fishels. After research galore, this happy couple chose a model most pizza-chefs only dream of. A Forno Bravo gas fired pizza oven; one of the finest in the world. As you can see, a crane was useful in the installation.

blog cartoonWhy Pizza Outdoors? . . . Why Not?

It’s all about what you like, remember? Imagine crispy, gooey, fresh outta-the-oven pizza for friends and family for years to come. The radiant heat bounces off the inside walls of the oven and you get a crisp pizza crust and cut cooking time. Pizza from an outdoor pizza oven is very authentic. Delizioso! And bonus, these ovens cook more than pizza!


Okay already . . . time for the big reveal! This pizza oven isn’t sitting alone in a tired backyard, is it? Nope, you got that right. Take a tour of the Fishel’s Backyard Makeover. Plenty of cozy, sit-a-spell ambiance. Relax in front of the modern fire feature under the custom wood structure, or find a seat at the dining table, family style. Maybe a spot at the table for two in front of  ‘Big Babbo’ (daddy in italian). You’ll be able to hear the pizza sizzlin’.

Some might enjoy a private retreat near the veggie garden after grabbing drinks from the grill island bar. We love the look of the board-form concrete on the kitchen island and fireplace backdrop. Also, note the custom woodwork tying the theme together.

Backyard Pizza Oven

Design Reveal #6 – 2019 Shows Backyard Comfort a few steps from the Backdoor

Out with the Old:

That’s a Wrap!

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