First: What’s a Breezeway?

Wikipedia: A breezeway is a simple roof connecting two structures (such as a house & garage or a house & gazebo); similar to a hallway that allows the passage of a breeze, provides shelter or adds aesthetic design.

The Gibson family wanted shelter from Portland rain when traversing from backdoor to gazebo as well as heading down the outdoor stairway. Our smart designers’ plan: Breezeway connected to the Pergola – Pergola connected to the Gazebo . . . You can see how both breezeways ‘keep ’em dry’ while maintaining all-kinds-of-light in their outdoor living space. Protection, light & bright, and a natural wood aesthetic.

Pop in to this YouTube video to see what the experts are saying about Breezeways & Covered structures in Landscape Design.

Cedar Hills, Beaverton OWe’ve Got You Covered

When you build a dream landscape for 2 people as genuinely nice as the Rossons, you want to make sure they’re protected from the elements. Portland gets it’s fair share of rain. The breezeway to the outdoor living room keeps ’em covered come rain or come shine.

Notice how well the roof line blends-in as the custom woodworkers show-off their craftsmanship. The finish line shows how well this Breezeway-gazebo combo works in this backyard family hangout.

Throwing Shade into the Mix

Breezeways are No Star of the show around here! Pergolas attach homes to outdoor living rooms to keeps things light with semi-shade. This first-class aesthetic is growing in popularity and you can see why. The clean lines are eye-catching and sophisticated. Need a better perspective? Let’s check out a few examples . . .

The Bissel Property is utterly amazing. Still shake my head at this incredible retreat. Note the cool way the pergola attaches to the gazebo. Pop-in and take a turn around the design.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Roscoe Design – Takes a sliver of a hillside backyard and transforms it into a living space of amazing proportions. Looks twice as big and has twice the entertaining and living space. Nice work design team and crews!

Connecting to the Outside World

Amazing how the Shrivers’ rustic landscape design adds so much living space to a smaller backyard. The pergola-gazebo combo adds depth and double the space, while the modern lines keep things light. 3-cheers for the color choice of wood-work complementing the natural backdrop to perfection. Great connection to the home, don’t you think?

Whoa . . . Wait, Washington Put 2 Pergolas in it!

A Pergola over the dining area near the pizza oven, and a Pergola over the hot tub! Both attach to the covered gazebo. Double the pleasure in the Washington design.

Three’s Company

The Carey Design is just right for this happy couple. Mini-bar-pub-&-burgers atmosphere with a 3-sided fireplace.  Loads of atmosphere, fun skyline. And all three: breezeway, pergola, and gazebo.

Side-By-Side – Together Forever

‘Before and After of this dynamic-duo makes for a double-take. Shows what a backyard makeover can add to a landscape. The Finch Family absolutely enjoy every inch of their new outdoor digs! Pergola & Gazebo make one cute backyard couple.

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