Dog Friendly Landscapes


Hog Wire Fence for Dogs

Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (Custom Style) Hi Guys – It’s Tuesday Tip Day from Micah, the Outdoor Living Guy. This week: Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (Custom Style) These open style fences are see-thru-open-style for better views and yet they keep your dogs fenced in. Let’s head to the backyard: View Backyard We start in the Palatine Property showing

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Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass – Never Mow Again Call it Artificial Grass, Synthetic Grass, Fake Grass – You choose your favorite name for it.  We call it the perfect fit for certain homeowners – especially if you have pets or NO TIME for lawn maintenance. Hi Guys – Because you’ve requested a video on synthetic lawns AND because we highly recommend them

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Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

Dogscape Your Landscape With so many of us being Dog-Lovers and Paradise Restored being Outdoor Living–Lovers it makes sense to provide a Dog-Friendly-Backyard blog to show off solutions to dogscape your landscape. Landscaping Ideas for Dogs should help homeowners/petowners find solutions to the 3 big issues: Doggie Clean-up, Paw Print Insanity, Messy-Muddy Lawns We all love being outdoors, and the

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