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Backyard Deck – Fiberon Horizon Decking

Clueless about a Backyard Deck? In life, you can be an expert about many things. But, come on now, Decking? So many questions . . .  What size should I build? Do I need a permit? Can decking hold a hot tub? Wood or composite? Here’s Our Two Cents Worth Backyard Deck? Choose Fiberon Horizon Decking. Here’s a look at

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Certified Paver Installer

Being a Certified Paver Installer – Why is it Important? Hi Guys! Because this is such a serious landscape topic, let’s try to keep it on the lighter side while answering some important questions for homeowners. The foremost being, why is a Certified Paver Installation so important? Making it Legit Definition: ICPI Certification. For contractor residential installation of interlocking concrete pavements.

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Outdoor Living Structures

Outdoor Living Structures – Attached/Detached? To attach, or not to attach, that is the question. Have you ever considered what’s best for your landscape? Probably not. Since the explosion of Outdoor Living, Covered Structures should be a first consideration. Let’s investigate, shall we? “A picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll cut the chit-chat in favor of examining ‘real-life’ Covered Structures.

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Under Deck Living Space

Under Deck Living Space Under Deck Living Space is something we all know about but rarely discuss. Probably because of it’s unappealing aesthetic. Upper decks are built for views and entertainment while under decks remain unused and unsightly. Years of rain seeping through upper deck boards make the under space wet, muddy and undesirable to gather in. We’ve all been there,

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Staytrip – Travel to your own Backyard

Staytrip – Travel to your own Backyard Staycation, Nearcation, Staydate, Holistay, & Faucation are just some of the fun names for Staytrips! …. They became popular in the US and Europe during the financial crisis of 2007–2010.  But what are they exactly? STAYTRIPS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD A Staytrip is a period in which a family stays home together. Some

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