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Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

Dogscape Your Landscape With so many of us being Dog-Lovers and Paradise Restored being Outdoor Living–Lovers it makes sense to provide a Dog-Friendly-Backyard blog to show off solutions to dogscape your landscape. Landscaping Ideas for Dogs should help homeowners/petowners find solutions to the 3 big issues: Doggie Clean-up, Paw Print Insanity, Messy-Muddy Lawns We all love being outdoors, and the

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Design Your Landscape During Covid

WE DESIGN YOUR LANDSCAPE AND BEGIN INSTALLATION – DURING COVID How Do We Design Your Landscape During Covid? By Adjusting Our Methodology to Mimic Proven Procedures – and so Far it’s Working Perfectly. To start: We use Zoom technology to meet with you to Design Your Project. Zoom Design Consultations Designer Meeting and Collaboration • 2D Scaled Design • 3D

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Backyard Hardscapes

Soggy Bog vs Foundation Function In the beginning, there was a muddy bog . . .  (you can tell this blog is being written during winter, eh). All joking aside, muddy backyards are no picnic to walk around in and even worse for mom’s floors with kids outside playtime. So, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? The foundation

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Landscape Design Trends in 2020

TRENDS in 2020 Mirror Yesteryear If you’re looking for Landscape Design Trends in 2020 – get ready for information-overload. Much is the same as good ol’ 2019 with emphasis on a few things. As we identify those, take a good look at what kind of landscape design matches your personality. Yours and your family’s. Identify your Must-Haves. It will keep

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Outdoor Basketball Courts

Outdoor Basketball Courts In Landscape Design With Outdoor Living spaces rocking all kinds of features for fun and active lifestyles, we’d be amiss if we didn’t show off some of our Backyard Basketball Courts. Get off the cell phones and outta the house. Play live basketball games outside your backdoor with friends and family all year long. We’re all familiar

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Sloped Backyard Ideas

Looking for Sloped Backyard Ideas? Go no further . . . We’ve got Em! Like this Reveal story – a couple’s journey giving their Sloped Front Yard a much needed facelift. Expanding out and creating useable living space was a no brainer. With a ton of brush crowding in, the landscape needed fresh, clean lines to balance it out. Before

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Backyard Hot Tubs

Home is Where the Hot tub Is Backyard Hot Tubs & Spas add the savoir fare (style) to Outdoor Living spaces. In this dialogue, we are going to have a bit of fun with Hot Tubs. Following Up with a comedy on In-ground Spas. This blogger is ready for a Vacay . . . post-haste. How many times can a

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Hottest Firepits & Coolest Waterfalls

It’s Landscape Reveal Time . . . And this one is a Beaut We hate to boast . . . but we’ve earned our This dynamo of a landscape design will knock your socks off with the Hottest Firepits & Coolest Waterfalls. 3 Fire Features to warm you up and 2 Waterfall Features to cool things off. Best yet, it

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Backyard Movie Theaters

What’s Trending in Outdoor Living Spaces? Backyard Movie Theaters, baby! Movie Night in the Backyard is making its debut in neighborhoods across the country. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies . . . and head out the back door . . . It’s Showtime! A quick decade ago it was movies in the park, remember? Where a

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Backyard Water Features

Schools Out for Summer Time for some Hot Fun in the Summertime; time for Backyard Water Features! Hi Guys! It’s 2019 & People are extending their lifestyles into outdoor living spaces, right? And what’s the best way to cool your jets in the summer? Backyard Water Features! I know this is sounding a bit cartoonish, but seriously, Water works in

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