100 Backyard Kitchens

What’s Cooking? Ever thought that designing your backyard living space is similar to putting together a good recipe? One filled with ingredients your family enjoys most . . . ingredients that totally appease and satisfy their taste buds? Comparably, outdoor living spaces start with the same kind of recipe. A design plan with ingredients that totally appease and satisfy your

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Contemporary Backyard Design

The Fantastic 5 in Backyard Living Contemporary design is all about the now and the future . . . as such, Contemporary Backyard Design is all over that definition. What does 2020 hold for landscape design? Living Life Large in your Backyard! Fabulous Sun & Sun Downs Outdoors much? Stuck indoors in a rut? Get outside. Lack of sun can

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YouTube Landscape Design

Videos from Last Year – You’re Gonna Love Hi Guys, got a comfy seat to settle into? ‘Cuz your about to see some DyNoMITE YouTube Landscape Design videos. These How-to’s, Design Ideas, Before & Afters, all kinds of destination spots in backyards – well, lets just call it “the works” in landscape design – represent a good year for Us

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Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Unique Outdoor Rooms You Want to Live In When it comes to Backyard Living, there are Design Star wannabes and Design Star Masters. What does design have to do with backyards? Everything. Outdoor Living Space Ideas have come a long way Baby. They’ve come the furthest over the years – than any other area of your home. Stepping out the

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Backyard Grapevine Arbor

Don’t Forget to Stop and Smell the Rosé Hi guys! Here we go Again! Landscape Reveal and this little story is filled with wine puns . . . why?  1) They’re always in Pour taste. 2) The property has a Backyard Grapevine Arbor! Take a small backyard, add a landscape design plan created by experts (Paradise Design team), add the

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Make Your Backyard an Oasis

That was Then, This is Now Backyards, they’ve been a Changin’ since the 1990’s, ya think?  Back then, Yards were Yards. How’s that for insightful? Remember when backyards had a focus-point lawn with flower beds and dozens of shrubs? Kids played hide-n-seek ’til dark as lighting was usually a patio floodlight. Perfect example of a 90’s style backyard is shown

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Patio Designs

Patio Designs – Reveal 2019 Hip, Hip Hooray! It’s the first design reveal of the Season! We were thrilled to work with the Martinez Homeowners to showcase their backyard patio design in a little property we like to call: Fenced Patio is People Hangout – Dog Run on the Side As backyard patio designs go – this one is a

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Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Come and Get it! Get your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen! Time’s a wastin. Ditch your old grill master ways! You’re better than that – Summer BBQ’s are days away and you still need to decide what Outdoor BBQ Kitchen is right for you. They come in all shapes, styles and sizes so let’s head for some backyard kitchens and get ’em

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

When you’re looking for backyard landscaping ideas, where ya gonna go? Easy question –  Paradise Restored.  We enjoy creating go-to spots in landscape design. So hop on a visual train ride through some of our favorite backyards. Get ready for idea central! GIVING KIDS A PLACE TO PLAY Because families come in all shapes and sizes, let’s start with kid

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Artificial Turf For Dogs

Ever consider Artificial Turf For Dogs? Tired of ring around the house? (Doggie pathway) Bald spots from Digging? Never ending muddy paw prints? These are just a few of  “the things we do for love” as pet owners. Our dogs can test our patience where yards are concerned. Nevertheless, you can have your sanity and a nice looking yard too.

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