Water Features


Fire and Water for Fun-filled Family Times

Family Spa Patio Family – how can it be equaled? And yet, with busy schedules, the fun-filled family times can slip between our fingers.  How about adding a few of natures’ favorite elements to bring back the memory-makers that active calendars have stolen? That’s what these happy Lake Oswego homeowners did! They added a Fire and Water for Fun-filled Family

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Waterfeatures in Landscape Design

Water is the driving force of all nature.  Leonardo da Vinci It flows through the lives of people everywhere. Paradise Restored is partial to the relationship between this essential element and landscape design, understanding our most vital natural resource can significantly influence feelings of peace.  We love landscapes to exude soothing, peaceful comfort . . . retreats for total relaxation. Wander

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Koi Ponds in Landscape Design

Koi Ponds in Landscape Design Ever notice how you feel looking into a Koi pond – even a photo of one? Instant tranquility, a sigh, a calming happens. . . Perhaps it’s the lazy pond water . . . the languid Koi fish. It manifests a moment of peace, a stall in our otherwise hectic existence. Don’t Be Koi The

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Water Features & Pond Ecology

Ponds & Water Features As part of their landscape design plan, many homeowners ask for waterfalls with stream beds, garden ponds, bubblers, and pondless water features.  Water features are not only enjoyable to us, but they are also an important part of the surrounding environment as functional parts of nature. Many living things can benefit from the maturation of your

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Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features are a must have for your landscape or garden space! Water Features provide a stimulating focal point to be viewed from many vantage points in and around your landscape. When planning your garden water feature there are three main viewing locations to be considered. 1. Viewing locations from inside your home. Often times when I meet with

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