Being a Certified Paver Installer – Why is it Important?

Hi Guys! Because this is such a serious landscape topic, let’s try to keep it on the lighter side while answering some important questions for homeowners. The foremost being, why is a Certified Paver Installation so important?

Paver in Landscape DesignMaking it Legit

Definition: ICPI Certification. For contractor residential installation of interlocking concrete pavements. The ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification is THE industry recognized program for professionals committed to industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation.

That’s the professional gist of it. In layman’s terms, being nationally certified demonstrates a level of investment. Credentials so to speak. Industry-recognized credentials help homeowners assess and validate confidence in a potential project. Don’t we always choose the company with credentials? Especially when it comes to construction?

A couple of Decades In

Paradise Restored has been paving landscapes for many a year. Know-how together with accumulated skills and experience in the hands of our talented crews = incredible paver installations. A big pat on the back for their hard work and attention-to-detail. Nice Work Team Paradise!

So many exquisite paver hardscapes

‘Exquisite’ might seem an odd word to use for pavers. And yet, they truly are works of art in Landscaping & Exterior Design.

If you don’t want to get all artsy-sentimental about them, (like me) pavers prevent the absorption of water and protect the soil. They ensure that worrying about water after a heavy rain is not an issue. Or that soil movement is never a problem. They guarantee your yard stays a drier, more enjoyable living space, rather than a wet and muddy bog. Paver surfaces safely move water away from your property. And while these hardscape pavers are busy protecting your outdoor living space, they also add the vitality and pazazz!

Like these beauties:

paver laying cartoonAnd that’s only 6 paver views. There are many paver options for your outdoor living spacepatios, and walkways. Pavers are made from a variety of materials: brick, clay, bluestone, concrete, flagstone, and cobblestone. (Wow, so many choices!) They can be interlocking or slab in nature. You can choose to mix them together to add definition and design, or use only one type of paver for a clean aesthetic.

Want to go on a paver scavenger hunt for your favorite type? Our Portfolio has what you’re looking for.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

See some you like but don’t know what’s best for your space? Ask our designers. They have credentials too! They know what will work in your landscape. Especially if there are drainage issues, slopes, or problem areas. They can come to your property, suggest what would work best and build a design around it.

Why not check out a few more paver hardscapes while we’re at it. Each of these show unique paver view points.

ICPI CertificateHmm . .  about the Credentials

Whoops, did I run off topic? Okay, okay, certification is important for the homeowner. It is the number one reason Paradise Restored made the decision to become ICPI Certified. Certainly not for a certificate to hang on our wall. (Thanks though, Micah Dennis, CEO)

We are committed to the interlocking concrete pavement industry. (mouthful) We absolutely love pavers – as you can see in our landscape designs. They’re the foundation of our exterior design projects so why not be affiliated with national standards and guide specifications?

Bragging Rights Noted

So now that we’ve shared a couple of reasons why we have bragging rights, how about a video that shows ‘plain to paver’ transformations in landscapes? It’s interesting to see how a little paver-action makes all the difference in your backyard living.

Well There You Have It

We’re Certified so you can be Confidant! Thanks for dropping in Portland.

Springs Awaiting, Get Outside!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Artsy-Sentimental about Pavers



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