The Fantastic 5 in Backyard Living

Contemporary design is all about the now and the future . . . as such, Contemporary Backyard Design is all over that definition. What does 2020 hold for landscape design? Living Life Large in your Backyard!

Fabulous Sun & Sun Downs

Outdoors much? Stuck indoors in a rut? Get outside. Lack of sun can affect your mood. Studies show that people who spend more time indoors have higher rates of depression and anxiety. With our valuable time disappearing through our finger tips, creating backyard go-to spaces is a no-brainer. Okay, so we have to work, but plopping our behinds inside the minute we walk in the front door is so yesteryear. Contemporary Backyard Design is about drawing you out the back door into sunshine or to catch sundown. Let’s visit 5 backyards – each a different size & style – both day & evening – to see why heading outdoors can improve your lifestyle.

Fresh Air Dining

Need some Vitamin D? Don’t we all? Contrary to popular belief it is not carried through space on light waves – instead, the sun’s UVB rays convert a chemical in your skin into this essential vitamin. So every meal you eat outside on a sunny day is auto-magically fortified with vitamin D. There’s just something about fresh air, sunshine, and food . . . what could be better? 5 more backyards with foodie shots show off why eating outdoor is a big High Five!

Fire in the Backyard

What do you call an excited fireplace? Stoked.

Nothing like sitting around the fire . . . so many reasons why . . . but, let’s get straight to 5 contemporary backyard designs that boast both firepit & fireplace . . . we’ll let the pictures do the talking for us. Notice the Gilbert property has 3 fire features . . . Definite drawing power . . . which fire spot will you head too?

Friend Magnets

What draws friends to your house? Movie-marathons, playing board games w/the guys, BBQ’s, camp outs, sports courts, spa-time, pool-time, kids-play, hang-out time? Okay, that’s quite a list, eh? Outside activities like these bring your friends running . . . And life is plain-old-better with friends.

Family Time

Spending family time together ensures a deep, strong, family bond. American adults spend as much as 3 hours a day on social media and the average family spends a fraction of that time together. A new study polling 2,000 parents of school-aged children found that Americans are enjoying just 37 minutes of “quality time” as a family on weekdays. Eeeck!

Take the time to spend time! TAKE IT OUTDOORS! Put those cell phones, iPads, and TV series away. Try spending 1 hour a day with it all turned off.  Turn it around and notice one another. Jump in the spa or pool, sit around a huge fire and swap stories, bbq with all family members part of the cooking, play games together, share DYI movie theater nights. Just do it!

So close and yet so Far Away

As far as Contemporary Backyard Design goes . . . Our Paradise Restored Family is head over heels excited about 2020 landscapes to share with you all.  Looking back over our shoulder . . . we know great things are ahead.

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