Designers Help | Choose the Right Color (Outdoor Living Space)

Hey Everybody, it’s Micah Outdoor Living guy. I have a kind of a fun one for you today, we’re going to be talking about What color for my outdoor living space. You do want to be choosy when you’re thinking about how to choose the right outdoor color so we’re going to have a video on different color themes. Choosing a color scheme for your outdoor space is much more than adding colorful decor pieces at the finish line. It starts way back in the design phase when you’re thinking about your dream space. You’ll want to decide what colors work best for a cohesive space taking in your home’s color, style, and architecture.

Enjoy these tips on Core Design Colors | Outdoor Living Space and thank you for joining us.


Core Design Colors | Outdoor Living Space

After watching the video. can you see the core color choices that were made here in the Folske Property? A cohesive blend of colors that make the ultimate foundation for years to come.

Thank You for Joining Us

Thank you for watching our video on Core Design Colors | Outdoor Living Space. Choosing your core stone color choices is an important detail.

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