4 Seasons Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Hi Guys – as promised I told you I was going to feature a little covered outdoor kitchen. Tah-dah, a 4 Seasons Covered Outdoor Kitchen. The video starts with a little kitchenette that features a small, covered structure. 4 seasons BBQ is something many people are interested in. A destination spot with a covered area for barbecuing all year and even during the dead of winter.

That is the cool part – barbecuing anytime you want, cooking on the barbeque all 4 seasons.

Covered Barbecue Grill

So here we have a 4 seasons outdoor BBQ . . . a kitchenette made from a corrugated metal roof and two posts in a lean-to style. It features a bull barbecue in this case, but you may select any barbecue grill you would like. This little island features a couple of storage areas and a little side drawer. Functional and yet simple, this small covered outdoor kitchen packs a punch.

2 Grills – 2 -Times the Convenience

Also in the video we show off a little Covered BBQ area right out the side entrance. Perfect for barbecue and outdoor cooking but close to the indoors. The homeowners did a separate detached outdoor living structure for entertaining – complete with outdoor kitchen and grill area. Adding this convenient right-out-the-door area for 4-season barbecuing is super cool – pop out and cook it – then whisk the food back indoors. The best in barbequing – a 4 seasons outdoor room with kitchen for entertaining and a close to the indoor kitchen grill for family dinners. Oh, did we mention how the Covered Structure at the side entrance improved the aesthetic of the home? An added hardscape walkway up to the door, custom fencing, lighting, stairway . . . the renovation in this little area of the property is super cool.

Idea #2

Here we go with another – 4 season outdoor grill stations – the Kelsey property. This extra cute, detached kitchenette shows how nice it is to have a covered grill area. The structure also acts as a privacy screen from neighbors’ interested eyes. A covering for rainy days allows for a happier grill-chef . . . we don’t need him grumbling when asked to cook up some winter barbeque!

We Like this One Too!

Next, the Torres property wows with its mid-century modern take on a grill island kitchenette. Again, combined with a living-plant-wall it acts as a privacy screen. We all love neighbors but not scrutinizing our every move. The covered 4 seasons barbeque with corrugated metal roof is roomy and protective. Adding a cute bar cart assists the chef during grill time. The kitchenette almost steals the show in this modern landscape design.

We hope you enjoyed 4 Season Grill Kitchens. These little grill stations will stand the test of time and give a nice destination for you and your family to enjoy cooking together outdoors. 4 seasons covered barbeques – ROCK!

Thanks Guys. Thank you for joining Paradise Restored. We are happy to answer questions – help with your covered grill spaces . . . Complimentary Consultation? You got it! Check out other 2020 landscapes in our portfolio. If you love before and after photos – Some of these remodels are Eye-POPPING!

It’s a Wrap!

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