Ready to plan your Spring Landscape? First on the list: Covered Outdoor Living Rooms

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Pack up the babies And grab the old ladies…

blog design photoOutdoor Living is generally about destinations spots in your landscape. Places where you and your guests can head to spend time outdoors. Think of Parks and Recreation spots. There’s always some kind of Covered Structure. Places for the babies, the old men and ladies, to enjoy hot sizzlin’ summer under a shady rooftop. Usually a cook and eat center, tables and chairs, and a place to call, “Come and get it” to family and friends of all ages.


Backyard Living spaces are just like that. For decades we’ve been hauling out what we’ll need to spend time outside. Load after load of necessities to make our daytime picnic gathering a success. Visualize heading out to sunbathe. We’d haul out and set up the lounge chair, a table for our drink and snacks, lotions, cell & electronic device, and our towel. When more guests gather, we’re hauling out grill & BBQ items, numerous chairs and tables, music devices, toys & activities and food/drinks aplenty.

blog photoPutting it within Arms Reach

Who doesn’t love having all of our stuff at our fingertips? Nobody! (Take that for a double negative!) People have been building makeshift BBQ covers and sun shades as far back as we can remember. Let’s face it, we like convenience. Covered Outdoor Living Rooms conveniently have everything YOU want within arms reach.

You’re the Design Star

A positive aspect of outdoor living rooms; Your space, Your design show. You decide the details. Load up on ideas, collaborate with landscape design experts and, “Have it Your Way.”

Paver hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, bars & countertops, lighting and heat lamps are just a few choices you’ll be making with an attached or detached covered structure being top of the list. Remember, it’s your wheelhouse and you’re holding the wheel. What you’ll want to know:

Now that you have a little know-how on choosing a covered structure, what other details do you want in your living room? You ultimately have the final say, but, it’s what You want at your fingertips, no one else’s. Take a quick detour to this idea-packed show & tell of modern backyards design ideas:

Modern Backyard Design Ideas

See ideas other homeowners/designers have come up with that tickle your interest. What additional landscape elements fit with your property? Do you like water features? Fire features? Almost everyone enjoys firelight, and yet, there are many options to choose from. Outdoor kitchen sink and refrigerator? (many of our homeowners would say – Yes!) So many ideas you can schmooze to fit your backyard.

We can’t say enough about covered outdoor living rooms. Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy gives more practical tips and useful info:

Blink and Spring will Be Gone


Outdoor Grill – Extra Hands Needed

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Covered Outdoor Living & Kitchen

The Paradise Team gives 3 -thumbs up to Covered Outdoor Structures. Ready to get your Spring projects started?! We’ll meet you in your backyard to discuss the best outdoor living room options for your property. Contact us ASAP, ‘cuz as they say, in a ‘blink of an eye’ – spring is going, going, gone . . .

That’s a Wrap!

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