Wanna know how to Create the BEST Landscape in the Neighborhood?

Welcome to Covered Patio Ideas! Where you will see how to create the best Landscape in the Neighborhood. (START TO FINISH) Not only does it share the before photos, design plan,  during construction, and finished landscape . . . you’ll hear the homeowners viewpoint along the way.  With out further ado – let the Backyard Makeover begin!

Starts with a Design with Multiple Destinations

In a new neighborhood the homes all have the same backyards. This video will show all you can accomplish in a small backyard space. We start with a covered structure with double fireplace to draw people outside. It’s important to talk with the homeowners about good design and multiple destinations within that outdoor space . . . you can imagine your friends & family hanging out and being entertained here.


We live in Vancouver and we really get wet a lot of the time. We had someone helping us out to get some landscape design ideas and very much wanted a couple different designs. However, every single time the design came back it was kind of the same sketch. Having Paradise Restored show us a 3D design – a tangible real picture that we could work on this or that – was really cool and helped us out a lot. “I was like Whoop! I just felt so much more comfortable and at ease and excited and like let’s do it.”


Favorite part of our Outdoor TV was that we could swing it back and forth. We’ve got a fire pit outside in the grass area so we can enjoy that space and then the hot tub’s near but on the other side so you want to be able to watch from both areas. The cool thing with the hot tub is that it’s got a Bluetooth speaker in it and so the TV connects to it and it plays the movie right from there. So . . . you can eat dinner, watch the movie & decide to make a fire and then finish the night in the hot tub. The TV will rotate throughout.

Outdoor Living Design

What’s up With the Green Eggs?

Man of the House: We already had a green egg and we wanted to add a grill so that was a nice combination. We also went with your recommendation to have a trash can, kitchen sink, & a bit of counter space.

Woman of the house: I appreciate that my husband now has his own space for kitchen tools & his own pots. I haven’t quite gotten him to wash the dishes yet but the sink has warm water & I can come in and I can wipe everything down.  I loved the space plus I can use it too now cuz the Green Egg – I don’t mess with – but a grill I can do hot dogs and burgers assistance.

Outdoor Kitchen & Bar


Our outdoor space has a double-sided fireplace whose inspiration is from when my husband took me to Skamania Lodge, and we stayed in one of their tree houses. It was beautiful but what I loved about the tree house was when you were inside – you had the fireplace – but then when you were outside on the deck with the outside elements you had the fireplace too . . . I thought it was a brilliant idea and knowing the space we were going to have – I wanted the same double-sided fireplace to get more use of our space. Outside or Undercover . . . It was really exciting when I mentioned it to Micah Dennis, he said sure, I have one myself . . .


Blaze Barbecue and the other kitchen components are other features here. Privacy Screen? Meet the barn door adjustable window. It opens and closes depending on how much smoke from the barbecue – just open up and do your grillin’ then or close after the evening . . .


“Yes, every outdoor space should have a bar. I love a bar – When designing a bar think about keeping it open so it creates visual space. Bars are great for people to hang out, some stand, others grab a barstool, many watch the game on TV . . . that’s why the swivel works so well. Different destination points all enjoying the same venue. Also, can you see why we added the double-sided fireplace? It creates another destination. Typically, a fireplace is the end of a space –by creating a double-sided fireplace – it offers two areas on either side creating a destination out to another area – another room.”  Thanks Micah Dennis, The Outdoor Living Guy


Paradise Restored came as a referral to us. We were looking for another opinion mentioned earlier. We wanted to find some different options. Then we ran into a friend that said hey, I’m working with somebody. Once I talked with Micah on the phone – he sent me some links and I knew – this guy’s got it figured out. Very modern forward-thinking & I wanted to listen. We totally recommend Paradise Restored.

Peaceful Retreat Outdoor

Corn Hole in RemodelIt’s a wrap!

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Thanks for watching our Covered Patio Ideas –   Until next time,  Get outside Friends . . . and thanks for stopping in!

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