Covered Structures in Landscape Design

Outdoor Room Boom

Three years ago there was an expression, “Outdoor Room Boom,” do you remember it? We remember – as outdoor living spaces were catching on and we were excited to market the concept. A Covered Structures in Landscape Design concept so obvious, it’s a wonder it wasn’t developed decades ago. Life is hectic and many times the first thing out of a person’s mouth is how tired they are. Having a private retreat to relax and unwind in a few steps from one’s door is a ‘no-brainer.’  Outdoor living is the new tag name for it. But regardless of the catchy phraseology, it makes sense to utilize one’s own landscape – an extension of the home interior – and enjoy the peace that nature and the outdoors infuse.

An intriguing architectural detail in outdoor living rooms – Covered Structures in Landscape Design: Gazebos, Pergolas, and Retractable Canopies. What better anchor to ground your landscape design plan? They can be majestic, eye-catching, and best yet, extremely functional.

Gazebo: A freestanding, roofed, usually open-sided structure providing a shady resting place.

Gazebo: A freestanding, roofed, usually open-sided structure providing a shady resting place.

Detached covered structure

URBAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Nestled in the city’s hippest of districts – this impressive landscape design reflects the lifestyle of the homeowners – who enjoy urban bicycling and relaxing in their outdoor living space.  The highlight of this artistic landscape design is the open-beam gazebo with distinctive stone fireplace. Gathering in front of a blazing fire on a cool fall evening with the family pet or entertaining guests in its ideal ambiance – this fireplace setting is hard to beat. The architectural slab hardscape is an excellent complement and the garden bed planters add unique character . . . – Armstrong Property

As you can see, outdoor structures bring landscape design to life! We welcome your visit to our portfolio at Although the ‘outdoor room boom’ has graduated to a more refined title, covered structures in outdoor living and exterior design is reaching peak activity in 2014. We invite you to drop in to visit our works via and our new 2014 board!

Sincere best spring and summer outdoor living to all . . . Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design

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