Hey Guys . . . we are about to turn Springs’ Corner into Summer. Time we started Decorating Outdoors! Everywhere we look outdoor living decor is available & ready to jazz up our living spaces. The Paradise Restored team has been busy – even throughout Covid 19 – remodeling basic backyards – turning them into fun & functional living areas. Extensions of indoors – right out the backdoor. Many pull their decorating style from inside to outside. Others want vibrant color or theme backyards. Want to investigate?

The Outdoor Living Guy and the PR Stylist share their 2 Cents worth on the subject in Video #2 of Decorating Outdoors . . .

So Whatcha’ think Now?

Do you see why Colors, Themes, and Styles are an important? We hope these tips and photos help out in the décor process with your Outdoor Living Space. We just-plain-old-love to add comfy touches to outdoor rooms. And these touches will make you and your guests, family and friends – want to put up your feet and stay awhile. To relax in down-home luxury – outdoor rooms you’ve created – just a few steps from inside.

Colors, themes & Styles is the second of a 5-part series on Backyard Decor Ideas. From Outside Decor Planning and Decor layout to Patio Decor Ideas, these videos will show you hundreds of fully decorated properties complete with outside decor. Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy will walk you through, ‘Why Outdoor Decor is Important,’ ‘Color, Styles, & Themes,’ ‘Adding The Bells & Whistles,’ ‘ Outdoor Bars, Barstools & Dining Decor,’ and ‘Bringing your Firepit to Life with Decor.”

You can see these touches in the Hauskins property.

Outdoor décor is trending

It seems to be everywhere. All colors, furniture pieces, planters, tables, lanterns, hanging lights, tableware, rugs, umbrellas . . . décor overload! That is the tricky thing. Be careful you are not collecting cutesy things that are not cohesive to your décor plan. Oh, you didn’t create a décor plan? Then backtrack and after watching this video, choose your color, style & /or theme to get re-started. Our next video on “Adding the Bells & Whistles” might be helpful too.

The Forest Property has a cozy traditional style with plenty of destinations spots:

Watch the 5-Part Series

If you are looking for outdoor room ideas or even the basics in outdoor living decor concepts, this series is exactly right for you. Learn why planning is key and discover some simple how-to’s to turn blah into beautiful. Visit our YouTube Channel

  1. Plan Colors – Think Blend
  2. Find your style – Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional
  3. Careful – don’t buy too much before you have a plan
  4. Decide on Furniture pieces Early
  5. Add your own personality to your Backyard Space

We know and have experienced firsthand why choosing your color is a vital first step in the décor process. Then either house match your outdoor style of go in a totally different direction with a theme. We hope you were able to get a few ideas from the video. If you missed Video #1 in the Decor Series . . .

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It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In . . . Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services, Landscape Blogger

Stylist tip of the day:

“Take a last look and take one more thing away!”


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